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Chinese Herbal Remedies, Natural Supplements & Medicine Healing Herbs -Dimmak Herbs\ Chinese Herbal Remedies, Natural Supplements & Medicine Healing Herbs -Dimmak Herbs Chinese Herbal Remedies, Natural Supplements & Medicine Healing Herbs -Dimmak Herbs Chinese Herbal Remedies, Natural Supplements & Medicine Healing Herbs -Dimmak Herbs

Dimmak Herbs Natural Chinese Herbal Supplements, Medicine & Remedies

Dimmak Herbs was founded to bridge the gap between natural Chinese herbal supplements and the herbal medicines of the Western world. Chinese herbs have been proven as an effective and natural way to treat many conditions and ailments with great success over the past 5000 years in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Using our extensive herbal knowledge and experience, we combine high quality natural Chinese herbs and Western healing herbs to form all of our natural herbal remedies and herbal supplements.


About Our All Natural Chinese Herbal Supplements

Everything on our site is made in-house from scratch using PREMIUM raw natural Chinese herbs and/or Western healing herbs. All of our all natural herbal remedies and supplements are lab tested for maximum potency and free of heavy metals, allergins, sulphurs, and pesticides. We then grind, extract, mix, and capsulate all of our natural herbal supplements using top quality natural herbal ingredients to make the best natural herbal products on the market. Making everything from scratch allows us to obtain a higher level of quality control and lower any negative environmental impact through natural processes. Dimmak Herbs is owned by an OMD (Oriental Medical Doctor) licensed in Nevada, who oversees and formulates all of the the natural herbal supplements and remedies we sell. You can be rest assured knowing that you are getting the best herbal supplements, and any question you may have can be directly answered thanks to our in house doctor.

Our ALL natural herbal remedies and supplements are made in the USA with complete labeling and directions written in plain English. We utilize the highest quality manufacturing standards enhancing high potency, and offer herbal supplements in proper dosages in an easy to use way! Our herbal formulations, processing, and manufacturing come from a TCM base with additions of modern research and classical Western techniques.

Additional Natural Herbal Chinese Supplements

Although we are most popular for our all natural Chinese herbal supplements, we offer a wide and unique range of natural products including first-aid, sports training and sports rehab supplements, herbal liniments, clinical size products, and custom herbal formulas through our full service online herbal pharmacy. Browse through our custom and classic all natural herbal supplements and shop online. Please feel free to call or email us and let us know if you need any help or have any questions about our supplements. Our helpful staff and knowledgeable are pleased to answer any questions or concerns you may have about any of our herbal remedies and supplements. You can take comfort in knowing that we are herbalists and not a sales team.