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Custom Formula with Consultation

Custom Formula with Consultation
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Price per Unit (piece): $55.00
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We are now able to offer individualized custom formulas for those that want or need them. See Chinese Medicine's true strength in individualized 'pattern' based treatment. Although our line of pre-made formulas are potent and effective, we deliver higher potency and a focused formula through a custom made formula.


You are purchasing a consultation and formulation for you. This includes 1 order of herbs for you, you will not be charged a consultation fee when you reorder. Reorders are only $25.


Be sure to be familiar with all the information we have already put here


Custom Formulas come as EXTRA-concentrated capsules. The capsules are full of extract and are 750mg full, giving each capsule an equal of 3.75 grams of raw herb. Dosing is normally 6 capsules daily so you get about 16 days of formula. You also have the choice of getting raw herbs, granule powder, or pre-decocted herbs ready to take.

Granule powder extract is the same extract in the capsules. However it comes as 100g of powder. Normal dosing is 5 scoops 2 times daily so should last 10 days at this high concentration and dosing. This concentration is higher than capsules.
Raw herbs are by far one of the most potent ways to take herbs, the concentration is normally higher than granule extracts, but you have to cook them. We provide 7 days of herbs. This concentration is higher than granule powder or capsules
Pre-decocted herbs gives you all the power of raw herbs but with the highest convenience even compared to capsules. Simply drink 1 bag morning and evening. We provide 7 days of bags for you (14 total). This concentration is the same as raw herbs but the same convenience as capsules.


Choose the type of formula you would like and then fill out the form below the best you can with the most information possible. This will then be added to the cart allowing you to continue shopping. After checkout one of our qualified herbalists will get the form and complete a formula for you, a formula will be made and then shipped out to you. 



Customer Reviews:

Rating: 5
My son was going to China for 1 month on a study program. Dimmak created a special blend to help him with any food related problems. He said not only
did it save him from several problems with food poisoning, it helped one of his classmates who was ready to go to the hospital but couldn't afford to.
Thanks Dimmak.