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Tendon Mending Pills-Tendon & Ligament Healing

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Nourishment for Ligaments and Tendons

Tendon Mending Pills join the line-up of our potent healing formulas. These pills are geared for ligament and/or tendon healing, nourishment and strengthening in faster time. Tendon Mending Pills are useful for tendon injuries recovery, healing damage, and tear recovery. Our pills have been tested and proven effective in all kinds of injuries and sports accidents including: achilles tendon injuries, knee ligament damage, rotator cuff injuries and tears, elbow tendinitis, post ankle sprains and much more.

Tendon and Ligament injuries normally have very high healing times and sometimes with a bad prognosis on it being the same as before. When you add in the poor success of many surgeries, tendon injuries are of the most feared injuries especially to athletes. Tendon and Ligament surgery often has painful recovery and since the surgery still deals with the area being injured healing times are long and often painful. Those that have successful surgery and follow through on quality physical therapy can usually get good results, but what if you could get quicker results with herbalnourishment? Combine our Tendon Mending Pills to your current regimen of exercises, strengthening work, physical therapy, post-surgery instructions, etc. and heal quicker and stronger.

By far the biggest obstical to healing your tendon is the near complete lack of blood supply to the area. Your blood contains and transports everything needed to repair the area and because this process takes so long, the healing takes just as long. Our pills contain herbs that have the ability to mend tears (not complete tears), heal damage, strengthen the tendon, by way of compounds in the herbs AND more importantly increase circulation to the damaged area to speed healing time.

When at all possible an internal and external approach is always more effective. For this reason we recommend you also purchase a bottle of Ageless Sinew Liniment. By targeting the area from the outside you are putting herbs directly over the area and increasing circulation to the area. Because you are increasing circulation to the area the compounds of the pills in the blood will also be more heavily brought the damage site for quicker healing.

During the very initial stage of the injury being acute, you should use Trauma Pills for 2-3 days to remove the acute stasis and reduce the swelling. Tendon Mending Pills can typically increase healing time by 50% so you should get enough pills to last through at least half as long as the 'normal' recovery time or what your doctor told you.

Due to the nature of this product in increasing circulation to the extremities, its tonifying and rectifying nature this product is also suitible for peripheral numbness / neropathy, post stroke healing and other miscillaneous diseases similar.

Key Herbs

Shen Jin Cao / Japanese Clubmoss: The Chinese translation of Shen Jin Cao is "Stretch the Tendon Herb", showing the main use and effect of this herb. Clubmoss is used for tendon issues and pain including trauma. Shen Jin Cao helps soften tendons byu nourishing them with blood, relieves pain and helps with healing by allowing greater range of motion during therapy of the area.

Mu Gua / Quince Fruit: Mu Gua is a go to herb for muscle and tendon nourishment that speed-up recovery and healing. In Chinese Medicine we thing of this herb as opening up channel ways and allowing more blood to reach and nourish tendons and ligaments. Additionally this herb aids in digestion thus giving this formula a built in way to increase absorbtion of the herbs.

Sang Zhi / Mulberry Twigs: Sang Zhi is a perfect well rounded herb for muscle, sinew, tendon issues. It strengthens them, releives pain, increases peripheral blood flow, calms spasm and has been adopted widely for tendon issues and tendonitis.

Du Zhong / Eucommia Bark: Du Zhong is one of our favorite herbs and you will find it in many of our formulas. The bark is similar in make up to tendons, joints, and bone. There are strips of bark that connect together with connective 'tissue' to allow it to bend. This herb heals broken bones and does even better at strengthening and mending tendons and ligaments. Additionally this herb lowers blood pressure, is anti-inflammatory and is famous for low back pain!

Tu Bie Chong / Eupolyphagia: This herb is critical to our formula. Eupolyphagia has a dual action of breaking up stasis, which is present in all tears and injuries, and actually fusing tendon and ligament together. Together with a free flowing injury,  fresh blood coming to the area, and its action of fusing injuries together this herb is key in this formula!

Overview of Tendon Mending Pills

-Tendon & Ligament Healing, Tendon & Ligament Injury, Damage, and Tear Recovery.

-Essential for all tendon and sinew injuries, tear, or damage to be take for 3+ weeks to heal, strengthen & full recovery

-Actions: Actual Tendon & Ligament repair & knitting, removes stasis from damaged areas, promote circulation to the area, pain relief, strengthen tendon and ligaments.

100 Capsule Bottles. 650 mg Capsules. The raw herb and extracts used in this formula equates to 1500mg of raw herb per capsule.

Dosage and Ingredients:
Normal dosing is 3 capsules taken 2 times daily and should be taken for 3+ weeks. Full dosage and instructions are on the label.


Ingredients: Mu Gua / Quince / Chaenomelis, Shen JinCao / Lycopodium, Sang Zhi / Moris Twig,Du Zhong / Eucommia Bark, Dang Gui / Dong Quai / Angelica Sinensis, Bai Shao / White Peony, Gui Zhi / Cinnamon Twig, JiXue Teng / Spatholobus Vine, Tu Bie Chong /Eupolyphasia, Huang Qi / Astragalus, ChuanXiong / Ligusticum, Gu Sui Bu / Drynaria,Sang Ji Sheng / Taxillus Stem, Xu Duan / Teasel Root, Wei Ling Xian / Clematis, MoYao / Myrrh Gum, Jiang Can / Bombyx Mori. In both raw and whole herb extract.

*Not intended for pregnant or lactating women.

*As an herbal supplement, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is NOT intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease

Discounts on multiple bottles to ensure you buy enough to mend completely without interuption!


Customer Reviews:

Rating: 5
I have a stretched ACL, and this product has helped me big time. I use this along with the "Ageless Sinew" (Clinic Size). This works
internally, while the Ageless sinew works externally. Very good combo. When I first stretched my ACL, I could barely walk up and down the stairs. Now
it's easy again, my knee looks and feels good again. Although, it's not fully healed, this product has worked great. I think There's something in it
though that makes sex drive rise, if you're a guy and you start using this you'll see what I mean lol. I'll probably have to buy another bottle to get
my knee to 100% but I have no problem with that, because a stretched acl can be a major injury. rnrn

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