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O.B. DM-Vaginal Infection Bolus

Price per Unit (piece): $15.95
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Vaginal Infections of all kinds stem from an imbalance. Bacteria or yeast takes advantage of this imbalance and tries to make a home. Use this Herbal Bolus for any vaginal infection (yeast, bacterial, fungal, viral, or others), urinary tract infection, vaginal cysts, fibroids, tumors and more. These bolus' are effective at being absorbed in the vaginal canal and the entire urinary tract. Easy to use nightly applications are natural and highly effective! Save yourself from OTC chemical solutions or a trip to the expensive doctors officeby using these powerful herbal boluses.

All of our boluses are made with 100% cocoa butter with herbs infused for easy and effective application. The boluses have 2 options: one for vaginal infections and the other for cysts/tumors etc. The boluses for vaginal infections have cocoa butter that is infused with herbs that are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, antifungal (yeast), and stops any itching problem. Boluses for cysts contains infusions that astringe the cyst or tumors, soothe pain, and correct the circulation problem with the cysts.

When possible use boluses with internal treatment (pills and capsules) to get the quickest results possible. There is no quicker treatment than internal and external treatment combined.
For infections we recommend using Blood Purifier concurrently with our vaginal infection boluses.

Key Herbs

She Chuang Zi / Cnidium: She Chuang Zi is an important herb in vaginal health. It is highly anti-fungal as well as antibacterial and stops itching.

Partridgeberry / Squawvine: Partridgeberry is an 'all in one' herb for women's health. Partridgeberry can shrink cysts and tumors, clear bad bacteria, and promote proper pH levels.

Yi Mu Cao / Motherwort: Motherwort gets its name for a reason. It is very similar to Partridgeberry in its dual ability to both remove cysts and kill bacteria.

Overview of OB-DIM Bolus

-Natural remedy for vaginal infections, natural remedy for yeast infections, natural treatment for vaginal cysts

-Designed to be versatile enough to deal with any bacterial, yeast, viral or fungal infection. Also for use to reduce and get rid of cysts and tumor through direct treatment

-Actions: antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal (anti-yeast), strengthens uterus, regulates correct bacteria and pH, astringes cysts and tumors

12 boluses

Dosage and Ingredients:
Use 1-3 boluses nightly before bed. Full dosage and instructions are on the label.

Ingredients: She Chuang Ze / Cnidium, Echinacea Purpurea, Slippery Elm, Ku Shen / Sophora, Partridgeberry / Squawvine, Bai Tou Weng / Pulsatilla, Goldenseal, Yi Mu Cao / Motherwort, Lavender Essential Oil, 100% Pure Organic Cocoa Butter.

*As an herbal supplement, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This
product is NOT intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease
Bolus require a minimum 1 business day turn around time.

Having a second bolus pack on hand is beneficial for continual treatment without interruption if needed.


Customer Reviews:

Carmella Steedley
Rating: 5
I have had a recurring problem with vaginal infections. While I have tried a lot or creams and medicines, nothing works. A friend suggested this
bolus, and since I had tried so many products and failed, I did not think much of this one. My problem has been completely solved.rn

Kathrine Schueller
Rating: 5
I absolutely love this product. This just works on wonder fully. I did not only manage to get rid of my infections but it has never come back again as

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