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Ageless Sinew Herbal Powder

Ageless Sinew Herbal Powder
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Ageless Sinew Herbal Ligament and Tendon Powder is now available in unprepared clinic size! Our clinic size is 500g in a resealable glass jar for prolonged freshness and potency. These large sizes are perfect for a clinic type setting to be used over and over. Now you have control over making a poultice or plaster and how you want to make it while saving you or your business a great deal of money over pre-prepared product!

Simply add powder and mix with alcohol, tea, water, vaseline, oils or liniment. These can then be applied directly with gauze and taped onto the area for 3-6 hours. Ageless Sinew Tendon and Ligament Herbal Powder will greatly increase the effectiveness of your treatment and you can even pre-make several days worth for your client, or resell our premade Ageless Sinew Poultice for contnued use. This powder can also be combined with liniment and oil to make a burning moxa to use.

Here is a recap of what our Ageless Sinew Herbal Powder for Tendon and Liniments can do:
Sinews need long applications because they do not have direct blood supplies or they injure in a severe manner, making a poultice appropriate. This herbal powder is formulated with warming and blood moving herbs to bathe the muscle, tendon, or ligament in fresh healing blood. Making a poultice means long applications and liniments can be applied in alternate applications for near continuous treatment. This herbal sinew poultice works to jump start the healing process for tendinitis, herniated disks, troublesome pains from unhealed knee injuries, elbow pains, ankle rolls, shoulder issues and much more.

Ageless SInew Poultice should be used after initial inflamation has gone.

Our powders come in 500g. Your first purchase should be with the glass jar option. Afterwards you can buy our 'refill' that will be a plastic bag to be used to refill your glass jar. This saves on waste and saves you money!
500g in glass jar:
500g refill bag:

Ingredients: Du Zhong, Mu Gua, Dang Gui Wei, Xu Duan, Qiang Huo, Du Huo, Xiang Fu, Zi Ran Tong, Mo Yao, Ru Xiang, Xue Jie, Bai Zhi, Chuan Wu, Cao Wu, Fu Zi, Zhang Nao


Customer Reviews:

Rating: 5
Last summer I had an ankle bone fracture and a ligament injury. My bones generally recuperate very slowly. But using this product changed everything.
My bones healed up quite fast

Rating: 5
My children keep hurting themselves now and then. I happened to come across this powder and thought of getting a jar. But after applying it I realized
that the wound did heal much quicker than their usual rate.

Rating: 5
I have recently had a case of bad knee injury at my neighbor’s place. She put this on my injury before giving me a first aid plaster. That was the
first time I used this product and found how great it was

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