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Calendula blend

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Calendula blend is a unique tincture on the market. It is a great tincture to have for bug bites, minor burns, chickenpox, measles, cold sore, mouth sores, canker sores and much more. Calendula Blend's more popular features on the market is as a mouth sore remedy and measles / chicken pox itch relief. However, any flare up of rash or sore on the body this tincture will provide relief of any pain and itching as well as soothe it away quickly.

Calendula Blend is used internally and externally for quick relief of all rashes and sores and such. By using both internally and externally the formula is working from both the inside and the outside. It is usually recommended when using Calendula Blend externally on bites/stings and chicken pox, etc. our Blood Purifier is a recommended addition to take internally.

Key Herbs

Calendula: Calendula is a cooling flower used internally and external for all 'fire' conditions. Manifestations of heat like sores, mouth sores, rashes, etc are effectively treated with Calendula as well as the pain and itching of the rashes or sores.

Blend: The other herbs in the blend use synergy of Calendula properties that intensify the effect many times over.

Overview of Calendula Blend Tincture

-Soothes burns, treats mouth sores, treats skin sores including chicken pox and measels

-High quality tincture for skin and mouth sores, rashes, insect bites / stings, fevers and more

-Actions: cooling and soothing tincture to reduce redness and inflammation, heal sores and clear heat


1 fluid ounce of extract in recyclable amber glass bottle to preserve potency. 5 year shelf life.

Dosage and Ingredients:

Dosage is approximately a 1/2 half droppers full 2-3 times a day internally, externally apply as needed. Full dosage and instructions are on the label.


Ingredients: Calendula Flowers, Hong Hua / Safflower, Zi Cao / Lithospermi (Groomwell Root), in 40% Agave alcohol.

*As an herbal supplement, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is NOT intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease

Customer Reviews:

Rating: 5
I used Calendula Blend for a blistered cold sore. I applied liberally for 2 days and my cold sore is gone. This was record time compared to other cold
soar remedies Thanks Dimmak Herbsrn

Rating: 5
I have used a number of products for skin rashes but the time for recovery taken by all the medicines is quite long. However this product is pretty
fast acting. I really loved this one.

Rating: 5
I have pretty sensitive skin which is quite vulnerable to rashes now and then. I can safely say that I have tried almost all products that are
available in the market. This product however provided me with real fast relief. Now a day I just use this one for my rashes.rnrn

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