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Training Formula-The Everyday Training Formula

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Training Formula is a well rounded formula for all forms of training. Whether you its natural fitness training, weight training, or an herbal strength training supplement you are looking for this is your elixir. Our formula provides a balance of strength increase, raw power, cardio enhancement for endurance, and sharpen your CNS for agility, plyometrics, and reaction time.

Using only 4 prized herbs in this formula aged and extracted you can rest assured the dosing and potency is at a premium level. Our proprietary blending, aging and extracting process provides a superior level of synergy for a guaranteed impact on increasing energy, stamina, and lung capacity while replenishing your system for recovery time. In males studies show an increase in testosterone and growth hormone.

Try our formula using herbs with proven results rather than other chemical supplements on the market with nothing but marketing behind them. There are only top of the line herbs in this formula with no fillers, additives or preservatives.

Can Be Combined with RBC Elixir for greater training effectiveness.

Key Herbs

Ren Shen / Ginseng: A well known herb around the world, but most never feel the real effects because they have not gotten medicinal dosages of PREMIUM Ginseng. With the other herbs in this formula Ginseng has cardiovascular effects, CNS stimulation, energy enhancement, and general strengthening.

Hong Jing Tian / Rhodiola: Rhodiola is known as the 'Tibetan Ginseng'. It is well known as an adaptogenic and has the ability to increase cardio output and keep cortisol decreased for optimal anaerobic and aerobic training.

Lu Rong  / Cervi Cornu Pantotrichum: Lu Rong has a very concentrated effect on primal strengthening and real power. Lu Rong is in a small dose here than in our POWER formula to be well rounded in strength, cardio, and CNS training.

Overview of Training Elixir

-Everyday elixir for natural fitness training & herbal weight and strength training supplement

-Everyday supplement for training. Works for cross training, weight training, conditioning and more. The best overall formula for any type of training with a dose of cardio enhancement!

-Actions: increases cardiovascular capacity, increases testosterone, general strengthening, builds energy, regulates endocrine and CNS system for drive and performance

16.9 fluid ounces / 500ml of extract in recyclable amber glass bottle to preserve potency. 5 year shelf life.

Dosage and Ingredients:
1-3 tablespoons daily. Safe and recommended for long term use. Full dosage and instructions are on the label.


Ingredients: Ren Shen / Ginseng, Hong Jing Tian / Rhodiola, Bai Zhu / White Atractalotus, Lu Rong / Cervi Cornu Pantotricum, Vitamin C, Raw Honey in 20% Agave alcohol.


*Not intended for pregnant or lactating women.

*As an herbal supplement, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is NOT intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease

Customer Reviews:

Rating: 5
I lead quite an active life. That is exactly why feeling fatigues is quite a regular affair with me. I recently started using this product and ever
since then, there was no trace of fatigue in me.

Rating: 5
Apart from my work I also coach a local soccer team on the weekends. Of course being in the best of energy level is pretty important. That is why when
I glanced upon this product I thought of giving it a shot. There has definitely been an improvement ever since I used the product.

Rating: 5
I have been involved with weight training since my young adulthood days. However of late I started noticing that my energy levels have been falling.
That is what prompted me to use the Training Formula-The Everyday Training Formula. It really got me my young age energy back. rnrn

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