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Liniment & Poultice Cloth Combo

Price per Unit (piece): $12.50
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Here is a liniment and poultice cloth combo kit. Simply choose the liniment you want and it will include a Dimmak Cloth for a reduced price.

Soak the liniment on the cloth and apply and tape into place for longer applications.

Not sure why you need a poultice cloth? Visit our Cloth product page:

Poultice Cloth


Here is more information about the individual liniments:

Affinity All Purpose Liniment

Ageless Sinew Liniment

Bone Comp Anti-Inflammatory Liniment

Joint Renew Liniment

'19' Soreness Liniment


Customer Reviews:

Dji Pein
Rating: 5
I generally get a particular liniment for my bone for my sinews from this site. But after a friend suggested me a poultice I looked up this deal. Just
thought of trying it out! Never thought that my liniment had so much potential, and all thanks to the poultice. rnrn

Rating: 5
Liniments are really effective if you manage to apply it in the right way so that it stays on longer. That is why this deal is a really great one. I
would really recommend it to all.

Rating: 5
Applying any kind of liniment topically becomes a huge hassle for me. But this particular deal makes it all very easy for me. Now whenever I need a
liniment, I get this particular deal.

Rating: 5
This combo is just the best deal. There is no problem in application of liniments any more. As an added incentive you get to save money as well.
Highly Recommended !!

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