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Ear Ache Oil

Ear Ache Oil
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Our Earache Oil is heavily concentrated with essential oils and anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-yeast herbs including Tea Tree Oil and garlic. Garlic is one of the miracle herbs we have. Garlic can be backdated to the Egyptian pyramid workers who used garlic as a tonifying food and for injuries.

Use this oil as directed internally and externally for ear infection, intestinal parasites, skin parasites, as an antiseptic for cuts and scrapes, nail fungus, sore throat, or other bacterial and viral uses. This is also a great application for those with reoccurring infections of the ear.

It is important to have the right treatment for the job. Many viral infections are given antibiotics in the west when you need antiviral products. Our Ear Ache Oil covers all your bases so you know your getting the right treatment.

Key Ingredients

Ban Lan Gen / Isatis Root: One of the #1 herbs for antiviral effects. This herb is front line for prevention and killing viruses and was instrumental in help controlling the H1N1 virus in China. Research shows lots of antibiotic properties as well.

Jin Yin Hua / Honeysuckle: Honeysuckle is a classic combination to quickly get rid of cold and flu and give relief of symptoms especially sore throat. Modern research shows strong antiviral and antibiotic properties.

Huang Lian / Coptis: Coptis is the Chinese herb equivalent of Goldenseal, but much stronger. This herb has research showing it contains the highest amount of berberine of all other herbs. Berberine and its other alkaloids can strongly topically kill almost any bacteria as well as some viruses and viruses.

Tea Tree Oil: Tea Tree Oil is used internally and externally for the treatment of any viral problem. Tea Tree Essential Oil is also effective against bacterial and is anti-fungal as well

Overview of Ear Ache Oil

-Anti-viral and antibacterial for ear aches, cuts, wounds, throat problems, etc...

-For use internally and externally of ear infections and sore throat with swollen lymph glands

-Actions: antiviral, antibacterial, antiviral. Spreads and coats well due to oil for lasting effects

1 ounce of concentrated oil in a recyclable amber glass bottle with a glass dropper for easy application.

Dosage and Ingredients:
Externally as needed and internally 1/2 dropper at a time as needed. Full dosage and instructions are on the label.

Ingredients: Ban Lan Gen / Isatis Root, Organic Mullein, Jin Yin Hua / Honeysuckle,Echinacea Pupurea, Huang Lian / Coptis Root, Da Suan / Concentrated Dried Garlic in Grapeseed Oil

*As an herbal supplement, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is NOT intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease

Customer Reviews:

Rating: 5
Although there are many products available in the market for ear ache, I have never used a product that works better than this one. And the best part
is that it is often cheap for its standard.

Rating: 5
This is awesome oil. The reason why this is suits me better is that I often keep getting infection in the ears. Yet whether the infection is a viral
one or bacterial one I have no idea. In this case the oil combats all kinds of infection making this quite a good treatment.

Rating: 5
I recently had a cut in my ear. This cut was creating a huge deal of discomfort in my ears. After I heard of this product I thought of using it. It is
definitely the best product I have ever used in my ears

Rating: 5
I am pretty prone to ear aches. These infections keep recurring in my ears. I had used all sorts of medicines and balms that were available in the
market. None actually managed to rid me of my problem. That is when someone told me about this product. It really works like miracle.

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