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Blood Purifier-Blood Detox Formula

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Blood Purifier works to detox your blood and lymph system and brings it back to balance. Blood Purifier is combination of herbs used for blood and lymph detoxification for uses on drug toxicity, colds, flu, infections, inflammation, eczema, infectious rashes, fibromyalgia, and all kinds of skin conditions. Blood purification is generally an important part in many ailments, therefore it is recommended to be used along with other herbal products to increase effectiveness and healing time.

Blood Purifier is also a part of our detox product line. As a blood cleansing agent Blood Purifier is effective at draining lymph, cleaning extra toxins still in the blood and aids in cleaning the liver and helping repair any damage. For those wanting to do full body detox, liver detox, kidney detox and colon detox or cleanse this formula will provide the blood and lymph detoxification that is missing from giving you a much more thorough cleanse.

Blood Purifier uses the theory of synergy that uses several herbs with similar actions to achieve potent effects and all the actions required to be the best blood cleansing formula on the market. A combination of herbs are specific for anti-bacterial effects that reduce bad bacteria and allow the good bacteria to flourish and create the correct balance. Secondly, several herbs are used to stimulate T cell function and increase white blood cell count, reduce inflammation, and draw toxins from the blood. Lastly blood is stimulated through the lymph, kidneys and liver to get rid of accumulated toxins to get them out of the body.

Use alone or buy a bottle to use in conjunction with another Dimmak Herbs products for faster healing.

Key Herbs

Chuan Xin Lian / Andrographitis: This herb is only well known to most Chinese herbalists that keep up on herbal research as this isn't a historically commonly used herb. Andrographitis is now a well used herb thanks to research that this herb is able to work as a systemic anti-biotic by working with your immune system. Other herbs that work directly don't usually work outside of the GI Tract as absorption and half life are usually very short.

Echinacea Purpurea: Echinacea is a well known herb here in the west. Echinacea's research shows marked immune response and the stimulation of white blood cells. Echinacea also removes poisons from animals and insects as well as other toxins from the blood

Tian Kui Zi / Heavenly Mallow Root: Heavenly Mallow Root is another underutilized herb. This herb is one of the few herbs with solid research showing an effect on the lymph nodes. This herb detoxes the liver and circulates and drains out the lymph nodes.

Huang Lian / Coptis: Coptis is the Chinese herb equivalent of Goldenseal, but much stronger. This herb has research showing it contains the highest amount of berberine of all other herbs. Berberine and its other alkaloids kill bad bacteria, promote bile secretion to detox the liver, provide system anti-inflammatory effect and clear skin conditions from the inside.

Overview of Blood Purifier

-Blood Cleansing, Blood and Lymph Detoxification

-Great for use of all kinds of toxins, infections, insect and animal bites, fever, skin conditions and detoxing

-Actions: Blood, liver, and lymph system detoxification; anti-inflammatory; anti-bacterial; immune system stimulant and increases white blood cell count.

100 Capsule Bottles. 650 mg Capsules. The raw herb and extracts used in this formula equates to 1250mg of raw herb per capsule.

Dosage and Ingredients:
Chronic conditions will take 4-8 pills daily, acute conditions will take 10-14 pills daily. Full dosage and instructions are on the label.


Ingredients: Huang Qin / Scutellaria, Bai Hua She She Cao / Hedyotis, Echinacea Purpurea, Pu Gong Ying / Dandelion, Chuan Xin Lian / Andrographitis, Ze Xie / Water Plantain, Tian Kui Zi / Heavenly Mallow Root, Ban Zhi Lian / Barbat Skullcap, Mu Dan Pi / Peony Tree Bark, Dan Shen / Salvia Root, Huang Lian / Coptis, Gan Cao / Licorice, Ginger.In Both Raw and Whole Herb Extract

*Pregnant women should use under the guidance of an herbalist and with medical supervision.

*As an herbal supplement, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is NOT intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease

Save money on 30 day (2 bottles), 60 day (4 bottles), 90 day (6 bottles), and 120 days (8 bottles) worth to create your own detox!


Customer Reviews:

Rating: 5
I thank god for letting me run across this site. This medicine seems to be the only thing that actually helps soothe all of my skin problems.

Rating: 5
I was always looking for a product that offered a full body detox, liver and kidney detox too. My search came to an end with the use of Blood
Purifier. I’m getting good result by using this product for the last 2 weeks…:)

Rating: 5
I have always been in awe of this product ever since I started using it. It acts as a blood cleansing agent effectively healing draining lymph, and
extra toxins in the blood. Simply awesome!!

Rating: 5
Being a believer in herbal products, Blood purifier gave me the perfect herbal solution for blood cleansing, lymph and blood detoxification. I'm fully

Rating: 5
An awesome product. All my skin related problems seem to be a passé now. Never seen a product that heals so quickly.


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