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Heart Sure is a full spectrum hearth health supplement. As a daily heart supplement Heart Sure will protect the heart by regulating proper circulation, increasing blood to the heart muscles, and help correct heart beat rate and strength. Heart Sure uses multiple techniques in its formulation to help your body with bad cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.

Heart disease is continuously a leading cause of death. Although diet is a main contributor, even those on good diets are at risk due to food quality available. Additionally, many people have genetic predispositions to high blood pressure and cholesterol. Through diet and exercise along with herbs, heart health can be maintained and disease prevented as well as corrected.

Heart Sure is formulated to suit people who want to take a proactive approach to heart health as well as someone who wants to lower blood pressure and/or cholesterol. Along with regular exercise and a high fiber diet, herbs can add in another area to your regimen either set by you or your doctor. Those measuring blood levels can see monthly improvements. Since Heart Sure is very safe and good for long term you can adjust your dosage monthly for desired results.


Key Herbs

Shan Zha: Shan Zha is known as a heart tonic. This herb is known to increase circulation to the cardiac muscles, energetically tonify the heart function, and through digestion can help the elimination of fats which can lead to the lowering of cholesterol.

Tian Ma / Gastrodia: Gastrodia increases circulation which includes cardiac circulation. Proper circulation can have marked effects in maintaining heart health. Tian Ma also increases circulation to the extremities which is helpful on its own and extermety circulation can have an effect on blood pressure.

Hu Zhang /Bushy Knotweed: Hu Zhang contains high doses of easily assimilated resveratrol which is superior to red wine and extracts of resveratrol. The ingredient Resveratrol is thought to increase blood to cardiac muscles, improve the respiratory function, and lower lipid levels in the blood.

Jiao Gu Lan / Gynostemma: Gynostemma was known as a longevity herb from a mountanous village full of people over 100 years old who all drank tea of Gynostemma daily. Research now shows us why. Gynostemma has research showing anti-carcinogen effects, possible cholesterol lowering herbal effects, lowering of blood pressure, increase in immunity, and shows 'anti-aging' effects.

Overview of Heat Sure

-Heart health supplement, high blood pressure herbal remedy, cholesterol natural remedy

-Hearth health supplement to increase heart function. Also proactively works to act on the body that can help you lower high blood pressure and lower cholesterol (bad lipid levels).

-Actions: regulated proper circulation, lowers lipid levels, lowers blood pressure, increases cardiac blood supply, overall longevity supplement

100 Capsule Bottles. 650 mg Capsules. The raw herb and extracts used in this formula equates to 1250mg of raw herb per capsule.

Dosage and Ingredients:
Take 4-12 pills daily depending on age, weight, and condition. Full dosage and instructions are on the label.

Ingredients: Shan Zha, Tian Ma / Gastrodia, Jue Ming Zi / Cassia Semen, GouTeng / Uncaria, Xia Ku Cao / Prunella (Self-heal), Hu Zhang / Bushy Knotweed, Ge Gen /Kudzu Root, Ling Zhi / Ganoderma / Reishi,Yu Zhu / Solomon’s Seal, Ze Xie / Alsima,Dan Shen / Salvia Root, Du Zhong / Eucom-mia Bark Jiao Gu Lan / Gynostemma, ChuanXiong / Ligusticum. In Both Raw and Whole Herb Extract

*Not recommended for pregnant women
*Consult with your doctor if using medications for severe high blood pressure or cholesterol
*As an herbal supplement, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is NOT intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease

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Customer Reviews:

Rating: 5
I have been taking this for a couple of years for raised blood pressure. It works wonders. I hate going to the doctor (even though I have good
insurance), and this keeps my blood pressure in check. With working full time and going back to school, it has been invaluable in my herb/supplement

Rating: 5
I have a family history of heart disease and was concerned about my chance of developing heart problems. That is why I started using Heart Sure. It
seems to help my cardiovascular system and i am feeling better

Rating: 5
I believe in being proactive with my health and that is why I believe in taking Heart Sure to support my heart health. Since heart disease is the
number one killer of women in the US I feel confident that I’m doing what I can to keep my heart healthy. The natural ingredients are pure and I
like the fact that there are no chemicals or synthetic ingredients.

Rating: 5
I had been looking for an all natural way to support my heart health. I found it in Heart Sure Heart Health supplements. The ingredients are all
herbal and natural and I feel good about taking the product. I’ve done my research and have found this product to be the best on the market and
highly recommend it

Rating: 5
Get this product if you want to take an active role in your health. Prevention is better than a cure and with Heart Sure Heart Health you will be
taking the best supplement you can for your heart. Don’t wait until it is too late, do what you can now and it can’t be easier than taking this
product. The herbs have been used for many years and are considered safe. I’m so glad I found this all natural way to ensure my heart health and
well being. Stephanie JonesrnBrooklyn, NY



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