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Dimmak CLOTH-The Poultice Maker

Dimmak CLOTH-The Poultice Maker
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Our poultice cloth is specially designed for use to make poultices and be washable and reusable. Poultices are used for longer applications or to cover thick applications.

Soak cloth with liniments, tea decoctions, or cover paste/poultices and apply or cover the area. Area can be kept covered and left on up to a day, heating pads can also be used to keep the area warm. Convenient for pesky bruises, pain, arthritis or anytime you want the formula to be applied longer. 

Useful for use with:

Any of our liniments
Ageless Sinew Poultice
Herbal ICE 
Longer application of some of our Balms 


This cloth is a special flannel material that is used for poultices. It is also reusable over and over again to not create waste like gauze and paper towels do.


Cloth is approximately 11" x 5.5"

Customer Reviews:

Rating: 5
Application of liniment is much more effective now that I have got this cloth. I would recommend this product to all of you.

Rating: 5
This cloth just makes poultice application a lot easy. In case you need to go for such treatment it is recommended that you go for this cloth.

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