These are the Videos we have put together for demonstration of products, how-to videos, or demonstrating techniques to use with our formulas!
You may need to download a plug-in to view our videos, we assure you the plug-in is safe!

Treating Carpal Tunnel w/ Liniment & Massage

This video talks about carpal tunnel and its various forms and how to treat carpal tunnel daily using simple massage and liniments. Carpal Tunnel can vary in severity and you can see how to possibly avoid surgery or invasive treatments! The massage is basic and 3 types of liniment are shown as examples so you can pick the right liniment for your specific problem.

How To Decoct (Medicinal) Tea

This video shows you how to make and use medicinal teas. You will see how to decoct the tea, and the difference between a decocted tea and a regular cup of tea that you steep (infusion). This¬† video also shows you step by step instructions on making Dimmak Herb’s RockStar Liver Detox Tea.