Dimmak Herbs is a supplier of their products to resellers and the general public. We believe our herbal remedies and supplements are superior to most others out there. Further, we offer products that are innovative and exclusive to the field.

We are dedicated to offering the best of the best out there and if your interested in sharing this vision with us, we want to hear from you.

These are the current wholesale programs:
Resellers – Store, Clinic, Website
Physician offices / Clinics – Store
International resellers – Including exclusive areas
Research and design herbal formulas for your company – including herbal additives and products
Manufacturing of products, powders, etc including white labeling

We specialize in herbal powder and extract powder for adding herbal benefits to your products or creating new and exciting products. Herbal supplements account for $32 BILLION yearly, contact us to help you get a share.

For details about our wholesale program we want to here from you. Let us know who your company is, how you want to sell the products and we will get more information to you.

Email: dmsales@www.dimmakherbs.com