Herbal treatments for vaginal (yeast/bacterial) infections, cysts, tumors, and fibroids

herbs-piles-largeFemales have the burden of bearing common infections that males do not such as yeast/vaginal/bacterial infections, vaginal fibroids/cysts/tumors, and are 10 times more prone to urinary tract infections. The secret here is that herbally basically all of these conditions can be treated similarly. The tough part is not choosing the herbs to use but making the formula yourself. Lets go over some herbs first before we get into application.

Echinacea Purpurea / Chaparral Leaf – I continually list these 2 herbs together because they are for the same usage but compliment each other. Both of these herbs are used for anti-bacterial purposes, pH balance, and inflammation if applicable.

Huang Bai / Phellodendron – Huang Bai is an excellent herb used for all urinary infections and difficulties. In Chinese Medicine this herb is used for ‘hot damp’ problems that relate to these urinary tract infections, infections, and urinary dribbling. Although there are many herbs for this problem, Huang Bai is not only the best but is also an herb with the ability to be used topically and still work great.

Partridge Berry – Partridge is quite specific for Vaginal problems and works rather quickly and strongly. Part of its healing includes drying the ‘breading’ ground the infection is trying to feed from. You should know that overuse could cause over drying so care should be used.

Lastly we should look for a very nourishing herb that will allow the herbs to spread and heal. Two of the most obvious and popular choices here would be Slippery Elm and/or Marshmallow Root.

Some additions we would make would be

Mo Yao / Myrrh – for fibroids and cysts

Goldenseal – for strong work against inflammation and infection

Ru Xiang / Frankincense – Used for wounds and pus problems

Xian He Cao / Agrimony – Trichomonas Vaginitis

Add whatever else you need, the combinations could be endless!

Now the tricky part comes in the taking. Sure we could blend this up and take in capsules or take as a strong decoction 3 times a day. However, the MOST effective way is a vaginal bolus or suppository. This may not sound fun, but is defiantly the most direct and quickest way to relieve symptoms of any of the vaginal problems listed. Bolus’ have been discussed before when I showed you hemorrhoid hebal remedies that will solve your hemorrhoid problems QUICK! This was an excellent treatment for hemorrhoids as rectal suppositories as it treated them directly. Bolus treatment binds the herbs with Cocoa Butter or Kokum Butter as a binder. These butters keep the bolus solid normally but melt at room temperature as well as provide nourishment for the skin inside your body.

Bolus’ can be a bit of a trick to make and expensive to source all of the ingredients in such low quantities. However, the actual mixing is easy. Combine the herbs you selected with the melted butter you want to use and form into round cylinders about 1 inch long. When they cool you are ready to go. Sitting out these bolus’ will last about 7 days up to a year depending on your climate. Therefore I recommend that you refrigerate or freeze them and let them thaw out before use. Dosage would be 1-3 bolus nightly before bed, be sure to wear underwear as you ca have some leakage overnight. You should see results almost immediately, with things such as fibroids and cysts and such taking time to make changes.

If you want to buy some pre-made vaginal infection herbal bolus to save the hassle of making yourself, you can go to www.dimmakherbs.com and pick up their O.B. DM Bolus for any infection or as a natural yeast infection remedy.

Sorry about this one sided post guys, I will cover prostate problems in an up and coming post! 🙂

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