Balms / Salves / Ointments are semi-solid (jelly) based herbal formulas that come in convenient tins so carrying and application are easy. Balms / Salves / Ointments are used for letting an application remain on the area for longer periods and since its semi-solid there is no mess with applications.
Our products are different as we use extraction and time to make our oils, salves and ointments. This is superior to simply adding essential oils to jellies and selling them. Our herbal products have the advantage of using herbs, essential oils, and many other ingredients to work superior to others on the market.
Also, are bases are high end oils and such for optimal absorbtion and skin nourishment at the same time. For example Grapeseed oil is a typical base in many of our herbal products, not a long list of additives and perservatives.Due to volume of wholesale and low run manufacturing we are now doing, we are not currently offering Bulk Raw Herbs. If you are a Business looking for herbs or manufacturing please email us, we carry over 300 herbs both Chinese and Western.