Custom Herbal Formula & Consultation

Although we try to have a large range of products ready-made, we understand that are many reasons to need a custom formula:

Don’t see a product that suits you exactly

The product we have for your condition contains ingredients you are allergic to or against your values

Have multiple complaints you want one formula for

Additionally, many people simply would prefer a formula custom made to address their complaint and their body constitution. Chinese Medicine traditionally treats on an individual level, customizing the treatment and herbs specific to the patient. Now days there are often pre-made medicines that make a great fit (like our product line), they have to be made in a general way to fit many complaints for a wide patient base. But having a tailor-made formula for your complaint and constitution will often make a better fit as it is narrowed specifically to you, work when pre-made medicine hasn’t, and provide you with higher potency.

Your formula will be made by one of our head herbalists. They have a minimum of a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, so you can be sure your formula will be formulated with years of experience using ancient combinations and modern research for the most effective formula possible.

Custom Formulas come as EXTRA-concentrated capsules. The capsules are full of extract and are 750mg full, giving each capsule an equal of 3.75 grams of raw herb. Dosing is normally 6 capsules daily so you get about 16 days of formula. You also have the choice of getting raw herbs, granule powder, or pre-decocted herbs ready to take.

Granule powder extract is the same extract in the capsules. However it comes as 100g of powder. Normal dosing is 5 scoops 2 times daily so should last 10 days at this high concentration and dosing. This concentration is higher than capsules.

Raw herbs are by far one of the most potent ways to take herbs, the concentration is normally higher than granule extracts, but you have to cook them. We provide 7 days of herbs. This concentration is higher than granule powder or capsules.

Pre-decocted herbs gives you all the power of raw herbs but with the highest convenience even compared to capsules. Simply drink 1 bag morning and evening. We provide 7 days of bags for you (14 total). This concentration is the same as raw herbs but the same convenience as capsules.

Here is a chart to help illustrate what form of herbs you want to take:

For re-orders simply go to the reorder form below and give your last name and original order #. If you don’t have on hand this number we should be able to find it by complaint and last name.