Elixir & Tincture

Our Elixirs are now made of AGAVE based alcohol! The new batches are up to ship. Smoother and higher quality for our customers, no wheat or grain based alcohol! Power formula will retain the traditional rice wine base.
Tinctures & Elixirs (Jiu) are formulas for internal AND external use depending on the formula and are extracted in alcohol. Alcohol makes for the MOST POTENTway to take a herbal formula. Instead of taking 1 cup of tea 3 times a day, a Jiu will instead be 1 ounce 1 time a day in most cases and also enters your system faster! Alcohol is also an important ingredient for many formulas as it invigorates and renews the blood. Jiu’s/Elixirs and Tinctures are made and aged differently.

Jiu’s/Elixirs will come in larger quantities and taken at about 1 ounce daily. Now 16.9 ounces!
Tinctures will come in a smaller more concentrated bottles and taken by the teaspoon or drops.

Due to volume of wholesale and low run manufacturing we are now doing, we are not currently offering Bulk Raw Herbs. If you are a Business looking for herbs or manufacturing please email us, we carry over 300 herbs both Chinese and Western.