Ginseng Herbal Supplements

Ginseng or Ren Shen ‘人参‘ is the ‘Greatest Chinese Tonic Herb’ and its reputation precedes it. Many Americans are familiar with Ginseng as it has been quite commercially used since the 70’s. This has made Ginseng not only expensive, but makes some people not believe in the power of Ginseng. This is because commercial companies are buying ultra low quality Ginseng, or even only using trace amounts in the product. For this reason, it is only recommended to use herbal formulas, herbal supplements, and herbal remedies from companies that use this herb starting from its raw form and buy in the highest quality possible. The larger and older the root the more powerful the Ginseng will be. Dimmak Herbs uses high quality 6 year old root for excellent effectiveness and consciences pricing. With using the highest quality Ginseng roots along with the highest quality other herbs, Dimmak Herbs is able to show you the power ofGinseng in the following herbal formulas below and as Single Raw Herbs. For your convenience we have all of our herbal formulas containing our powefulGinseng here!Due to volume of wholesale and low run manufacturing we are now doing, we are not currently offering Bulk Raw Herbs. If you are a Business looking for herbs or manufacturing please email us, we carry over 300 herbs both Chinese and Western.