Chinese Herbal Liniment

Liniments are the signature series of our herbal remedy line of products. Dimmak Herb’s Herbal Liniments use the proper & traditional method of alcohol extraction, and are well aged for each formula. Our liniment is highly prized due to the high potency and specialized extraction method we use along with our proprietary blend of high quality herbs in each bottle.

Liniment works by application of the product in a massaging or well applied manner. This will stimulate blood flow to the area. The alcohol also helps open the pores and allow deep penetration of the herbal extract. The alcohol evaporates quickly leaving no lasting residue on the area, only the extracted herbs that have already been absorbed into your body. These herbs have specialized functions of healing, relieving pain, increasing blood flow to the area, reducing swelling, and more.

Dimmak Herbs has several herbal liniment formulas listed below, because we make liniment with a purpose behind them. Find a liniment for arthritis, joint problems, sore muscles, bruises, first aid, bone liniment, tendonitis and much more. We formulate our liniment specific to get the job done. Browse the herbal liniments below to find exactly what you need.

Liniments come in glass bottles to keep them potent and have a 10 year shelf life.Rubbing or Isopropyl Alcohol are NOT proper alcohol bases and are not used in DIMMAK FORMULAS.

Liniments come sealed with a regular screw cap lid on them. Additionally you may choose to order a Glass Dropper or Mister Spray top to use with the liniment bottles for precision or easier application!

Herbal Liniment date back thousands of years and have alternate names like Dit Da Jow, Die Da Jiu, Hit Medicine, etc.

Due to volume of wholesale and low run manufacturing we are now doing, we are not currently offering Bulk Raw Herbs. If you are a Business looking for herbs or manufacturing please email us, we carry over 300 herbs both Chinese and Western.