Herbal Soaks are great for the extremities for warming the hands feet or elbows prior to training, to warm the area for soothing, or to relax the tendons. Remember tendons typically need warmth to heal, your feet may need soaking from sports training, or you are doing hand training outside in cool weather.

Herbal Baths use your tub and hot water to create large herbal soaks. Add our special bag of herbs/salts/oils to create a large decoction of herbs. These baths are very relaxing on your body and used for sore muscles, back problems, and to relax!

Herbal Steamers use cleansing herbs with essential oils to clear sinuses and clean your face. Add these steamers into some boiling water and let the herbal steam thoroughly clean your pores and open your sinuses.

Soaks and baths are made from natural unbleached thin cotton and sewn in house and hand packed with herbs. Steamers are made from unbleached cotton ‘filter’ type tea bag paper and heat sealed after hand packing.