Sports Training & Conditioning Supplements

Here is the section with all of our herbal sports training supplements you would use for conditioning, strength training, martial arts, MMA or any sport or training you are involved in.

Many sport training formulas on the market have long been proven ineffective and are keeping sales up based on big advertising budgets. It is often the western mentality to break everything down to individual parts, but herbs are complex like foods and have bigger and better benefits to them than lab made supplements. Herbs used in combinations, especially those to enhance sports training, become greater than the sum of their parts- we call this affinity. Try some herbal sports training supplements in your regimen and see the difference!

We specialize in taking training to the next level through the most powerful herbs on earth. Herbs with thousands of years of use and proven effectiveness. While it is sometimes expensive to obtain many of the herbs used in our herbal training elixirs and other products, Dimmak Herbs has never been known to compromise!