Getting Fresh and Clean with Organic Soap Infused with Essential Oils

zen-soap-001A few weeks ago I picked up a few bars of organic soap. This soap was a little different as it is infused with essential oils and such that is actually geared to treat a range of ‘ailments’. The soap was from a company called Zen Organic Soap and I received the whole line of soaps which were:

Nirvana Muscle Pain Soap
Mellow Anti-Stress Soap
Bliss Insomnia Soap
Karma Anti-Aging Soap
Wellness Anti-PMS Soap

I obviously picked up the anti-PMS soap for sake of checking out the whole line :). I also had to then explain to my wife that I wasn’t implying anything buy getting that soap!

Anyway, I took on the Nirvana Muscle Pain Soap as I do suffer from some various pains from work and hobbies, who doesn’t? So, I put it to the test and these are the results.


First the soaps arrived at it was quite obvious, my mailbox had strong natural senses coming from it that could be detected a couple feet away. Separately the soaps smell excellent and aren’t that strong, but 5 soaps and a little bit of heat makes for an excellent mailbox potpourri. As stated on the website the soaps come in minimal recycled packaging. A simple wrapping of some recycled cardboard or corrugated board and raffia not only makes for a green way to deliver products, but also looks quite nice.

I don’t know what the ingredients of the actual soap is because neither the website nor the package said anything, but I do know the essential oils added to the soap. The Nirvana contains Lavender, Rosemary and Juniper Berry.

Lavender essential oil is often used by many companies, but in my opinion defiantly still underestimated by many. Although Lavender is used in many forms and seems ‘common’ it unbelievable that common herbs are effective. However, in concentrated form such as an essential oil, Lavender has many positive effects. Lavender has a cool and healing nature to it which is good for many problems like burns, wounds, inflammation, etc. In fact, I commonly use it in many of my trauma, liniment, and other remedies for this use. It provides an excellent fragrance while being a top contender in effectiveness. As far as our soap is concerned the Lavender here is being used for its healing nature and soothing the sore muscles. Because Lavender is also commonly know for its relaxing properties and is top 5 in aromatics, by being in a hot shower combined with the soaps usage on your body you will actually be inhaling vaporized Lavender essential oils and will relax you from the inside as well. Although not a manly fragrance, the other oils balance out to a very nice smell.

Rosemary essential oil is an interesting choice. Rosemary is a common herb used in the West for headaches and arthritis and by reading from the site, it is the long use of joint pain relief that they chose Rosemary. While it is an excellent choice for its use in joint problems in the soap there are defiantly some alternative advantages of using Rosemary. Two of the biochemical active ingredients in the oil are Borneol and Camphor. If you have ever gotten something for your sore muscles you will see Camphor as an active ingredient for its analgesic properties (borneol being similar). Rosemary essential oil is absolutly chalk filled with Vitamins and Minerals that will be excellent for your skin, it is also renowned for its effects on hair

so, again, for the guys you will have some radiant body hair after a few weeks of using for sure! :)

Juniper Berry is the last essential choice and may definantly make you wonder on this one depending on what other things you have seemed Juniper used in. Juniper has anti-inflammatory properties are well known for its use in urinary tract problems and stones. Juniper is also a flavoring in Gin which is used to help ease the stomach, relieve indigestion, and a very minimal halucigenic effect if used in large quantities. These anti-inflammatory properties have also been used to treat arthritic problems. It is this use that Zen has chosen to use this oil in their Nirvana Soap. It is also this property that some of us that make liniment choose to use Gin for liniment for arthritis or anti-inflammatory problems.

I think this seems like a pretty decent combination, I wonder what a quality soap like this with essential oils like Cajuput or Clove oil would do for the effect of muscle pain relief?

As far as its day to day use, this is how it stacks up:
Here is a picture of how well the soap suds up, which is important in the actual ability to clean. There was alot more suds than that, probably double, that came off in my hand when I set it in the bowl.


You can also see here that the soap is a little darker in color and you can see that some of that comes off giving it a rust colored sud. This will also come off of you in the shower and on the walls. However, this washes off easily which is a common complaint of bar soap (soap scum).


The usage of the soap is excellent. The soap washes away clean, and my skin did not dry or any other issues from the soap after use. The cleaning is also excellent from the soap. Although you may find this hard to believe but I work on older cars as a hobby. Therefore I was able to put the soap to the test in its use against dirt, grime, and grease on my arms and there was no problem here! As far as muscle pain is concerned, I am defiantly unable to come up with a way to rate its effectiveness. Muscle pain is defiantly best treated many different ways, however it would defiantly be tough to find a different product you can use on your whole body!

Overall I am really pleased with product. The bar is only $9.80 each and is a large 4.4 ounces that lasts a long time. I am not even half way through the bar in 2 weeks, so I think a bar should last me 2 months maybe? My wife started to use the Mellow Anti-Stress Soap and she is very pleased as well.

She loves the scent, the product, and its properties as well.

Here is a quick rundown of the essential oils in the other soaps so you know:
Mellow Anti-Stress Soap
Bergomot, Ylang-Ylang, Geranium- to relax, open your senses, and balance emotions

Bliss Insomnia Soap
Mandarin, Lavender- to calm and sedate the mind

Karma Anti-Aging Soap
Frankincense, Lavender, Rose- to treat skin conditions, wrinkles and heal skin

Nirvana Muscle Pain Soap

Lavender, Rosemary, Juniper Berry- to relax the muscles and soothe the joints for any pains
Bergamot, Clary Sage, Rose- to relax nerves, tonic for the womb, balance problems also related to menopause, and treat actual PMS symptoms

More info, contact info and ordering can be found at Zen Organic Soaps

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