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All Purpose Concentrated Chinese Liniment

Affinity liniment is a balanced herbal formulation so it can work on anything, truly ALL-purpose. This is how liniments started out, in China the families all had one secret all purpose Chinese liniment. Affinity is Dimmak Herb’s in house special formulation that wont let you down regardless of need! Using lab tested high quality Chinese herbs, we make the most potent human grade liniments. These are traditionally known as Chinese liniment or Die Da Jow (Dit Da Jiu).

Affinity is effective for bumps, bruise remedy, aches, sprains, strains, chronic pains, carpal tunnel, back pain, inflamed areas, arthritis, and literally anything else. Since most injuries are tendon or ligament related, this liniment has a foundation in those areas, just with a balanced temperature. Balanced formulations such as these are also effective for those with sensitive skin or the elderly with thin skin. Some Chinese Liniments with essential oils and menthol or camphor can irritate your skin, if this happens simply switch over to Affinity Liniment, although it is very potent there are no harsh irritants in this liniment unlike other people’s chinese liniment.

If another liniment of ours isn’t working well it may be too warm or too cool and Affinity can be used for a day or two and see if results improve, then go back and retry the other liniment. Affinity’s #1 goal is to provide every family with an effective liniment to keep around the house that can always be used regardless! This would be our most superior well rounded Chinese Liniment / Dit Da Jow / Die Da Jiu.

Overview of Affinity Liniment
-Balanced all purpose Chinese liniment
-Works for any condition, strong base in ligament, tendon, sinew injuries
-Comes in 2oz bottles with options of Spray Mister Tops or Glass Droppers.
-Major use: bruise remedy, aches and pains
-Most popular for everyday use regardless of condition



Concentrated Cbinese liniment in 2oz glass bottle w/ spray top.


Dosage and Ingredients:
For external application. Apply over affected are 2-4 times daily. Full dosage and instructions are on the label.

Ingredients: San Qi / Tien Qi, Xue Jie / Dragon’s Blood, Lu Lu Tong / Sweetgum Fruit, Dang Gui Wei / Angelica Sinensis Tail, Su Mu /Sappan Lugnum Wood, Hu Zhang / Polygoni Knotweed, Du Zhong / Eucommia Bark, Xu Duan / Teasel Root, Da Huang / Rhubarb Root, Zhi Zi / Gardenia, Yu Jin / Turmeric Root, Huang Bai / Phellodendron, Mu Dan Pi / Muton Bark, Hong Hua / Safflower, Jiang Huang / Turmeric Rhizome, Mo Yao / Myrrh, Ru Xiang / Frankincense. Lavender Essential Oil

*As an herbal supplement, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is NOT intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease