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Menopause Herbal Remedy

POST-PSYCLE Menopause herbal remedy is our natural formula for menopause relief. Our proprietary blend is set up to treat all the symptoms of menopause and peri-menopause including emotional changes, depression, cramping, hot flashes, hirsutism, night sweats, weak bones and more. This all in one menopause herbal remedy capsule gives you everything you need for hormone balancing at this time.

Menopause and related menopausal symptoms are a growing problem. When your estrogen and progesterone dip and change normal balance you experience many side-effects. Previously symptoms used to not be as bad, but with the growing problem of hormones in water, plastics, foods, and more you are taking in more hormones and cause an even further fluctuation in hormones.

Hormones are tough to regulate normally with replacement therapy because hormones fluctuate beyond where they should be before your body turns it off. It then swings farther back the other way past a good range before turning back on. Herbs can keep these hormone movements at a minimum, so the hormones don’t over shoot and cause you ‘mood swings’, PMS, exacerbated emotions, anxiety and more including those that will give you outbreaks of skin ailments like acne. Herbs can also bring hormones back into good ranges by mimicking natural hormones to stimulate cells and hormone releasing glands.

We use Chinese and Western herbs as well as classical Chinese medicine theory combined with the latest biomedical research in the herbal preparation we make. The short term quick effects of the formula will provide a remedy for night sweats and hot flashes. The herbs will also make an impact on hormones that will take a little longer to take effect, but will provide lasting relief. POST-PSYCLE is safe for long term use and is recommended to be taken long term for optimum health.

We also recommend our Bone Last formula to go along with POST-PSYCLE for bone health and fight osteoporosis.


Key Herbs

Sheng Ma / Black Cohosh: Black Cohosh shows clinical research of clinically ‘alike’ estrogen effects, not to be confused with actual estrogen. Black Cohosh relieves the symptoms of hormone imbalance by mimicking estrogen effects. Black Cohosh combined with Vitex and Dang Gui relieves menopausal symptoms and hot flashes, excellent for menopause herbal remedy.

Dang Gui / Dong Quai / Angelica Sinensis: Dang Gui is often called the Ultimate Tonic. Dang Gui in our case with Post PSYCLE has estrogen like compounds that act on the body to normalize hormones

Man Jing Zi / Vitex: Vitex is the 3rd herb in the triad of hormone regulation for women. Vitex has effect of stimulating the pituitary to increase progesterone. Regulating progesterone and estrogen are key as they are both needed for a menopause herbal remedy.

Xi Yang Shen / American Ginseng: American Ginseng differs from Chinese Ginseng. American Ginseng is neutral in temperature and has more yin functions, as opposed to the yang energy of Chinese Ginseng. The incredible nourishing American Ginseng is grown in Wisconsin and is almost a perfect herb for aging women. Combined with the other herbs in this formula, it is the best herbal remedy for menopause


Overview of Post-PSYCLE

-Menopause herbal remedy, herbal remedy for night sweat and hot flashes

-Great for use on all menopausal symptoms like emotions, hot flashes, abnormal hair growth and/or loss, night sweats, hot flush, and weak bones

-Actions: regulates estrogen, regulates progesterone, keeps testosterone in check, settles emotions, clears deficiency heat, overall energy and improved mood by naturally regulating hormones.


100 Capsule Bottles. 650 mg Capsules. The raw herb and extracts used in this formula equates to 1250mg of raw herb per capsule.


Dosage and Ingredients:
Take 6 pills daily for menopause symptom relief and long term balancing for lasting menopause treatment. Full dosage and instructions are on the label.


Ingredients: Sheng Ma / Black Cohosh, Man Jing Zi /Vitex, Xi Yang Shen / American Ginseng,Sheng Di Huang / Rhemmania, Dang Gui / Dong Quai / Angelica Sinensis, Shan Yao / Mountain Yam, Zhi Mu / Reed Root, Yin YangHuo / Epimedium, Xiang Fu / Cyperus, BaiShao / White Peony, Huang Bai / Phelloden-dron, Gui Ban Jiao / Plastrum Testudinis. In Both Raw and Whole Herb Extract


*As an herbal supplement, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is NOT intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease

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