RBC Formula-Red Blood Cell/Circulation Formula


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Supplement to Increase Red Blood Cell Count

RBC Elixir works to increase red blood cell count, strengthens rbc circulation and improves oxygen assimilation in the body. RBC is therefore an effective anemia supplement as well thanks to its affinity at raising rbc count. Higher quality, quantity and circulation of blood can have a marked effect on energy, memory, sports, and skin improvement.

A choice product for athletes, cyclists, triathletes, martial artists, gym goers, and runners but taken by many due to its premium blood enhancing properties that improve joint lubrication, flexibility, and better focus. Blood improvement (rbc count) is essential for endurance activities, but better oxygen and nutrient circulation and muscle penetration gives you an edge in any sport or activity. Is there anything not to gain from healthy, invigorated, oxygen moving blood?

In Chinese medicine this formula would be effective in ‘Blood Deficiency’ which is common in aging, over-thinking, palpitations, muscle spasm, bad memory, dry skin and more. Not just the herbs, but the alcohol is also essential in Chinese medicine for these same blood functions. While formulas typically call for herbs to be taken with alcohol our RBC elixir has everything you need in convenient small daily doses.

Can be combined with other elixirs and formulas for better results of those formulas


Key Herbs

Shu Di Huang / Rhemmania: Rhemmania is a fundamental herb for use in ‘blood building’ in Chinese Medicine. Rhemmania has thousands of years of empirical use in this regard and also biomedical research on blood related illnesses which shows marked increase on plasma levels

Dang Gui / Dong Quai / Angelica Sinensis: Dang Gui is famous east and west and like other herbs this is true because there isn’t a substitute for it. Dang Gui works on all levels of blood including quality, quantity, and circulation. This marks positive effects on the Liver and Heart as well.

Dan Shen / Salvia: Salvia in Chinese Medicine has the all of the effects of this formula from the different herbs all by itself, therefore an obvious choice in our formula. Biomedically, Salvia improves circulation, improves liver function, and removes excess thickness and coagulation for better peripheral circulation and muscle profusion.


Overview of RBC Elixir

-Red blood cell count & circulation supplement for RBC training and anemia

-Daily supplement to increase the quantity, quality and circulation of blood, rbc count

-Actions: promotes the release of red and white blood cells from the bone marrow, improves circulation, rbc count, improves liver and heart functions for better blood quality



16 fluid ounces / 500ml of extract in recyclable amber glass bottle to preserve potency. 5 year shelf life.


Dosage and Ingredients:

1-3 tablespoons daily. Safe and recommended for long term use. Full dosage and instructions are on the label.

Ingredients: Shu Di Huang / Rehmannia, Huang Qi / Astragalus, Dang Gui / Tien Kui, Bai Shao / White Peony, Chuan Xiong / Ligusticum, Rou Gui / Cinnamon Bark, Dan Shen / Salvia., Vitamin C, Black Strap Molasses in 20% Agave alcohol.


*Not intended for pregnant or lactating women.

*As an herbal supplement, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is NOT intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease

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