Herbs that Help in Controlling Diabetes

Diabetes is more of a lifestyle statement than a disease. It controls us only when we’re no longer in control over it. It is one disease that can be managed with some common sense, a healthy diet, regular exercise, and an active lifestyle. Very often, unless you are on the extreme end of the scale and need insulin injections, you can lead a normal life without medication of any kind if your blood sugar levels remain within the allowed [...]

Sweetening the Control of Diabetes – With Herbs

It’s a silent killer; it strikes when you least expect it to, and though you may not take it seriously, diabetes is a disease that leads to a range of complications. From heart disease to hypertension, you’re likely to suffer from them all if you’re a diabetic. Diabetes is the result of a combination of genes and lifestyle – if your parents or their parents were diabetics, you can bet your last dollar that you’re at risk too. And [...]