PSYCLE-Female Hormone Balancing Formula


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PSYCLE-Female Hormone Balancing Formula

PSYCLE is our natural female hormone balancing proprietary blend to regulate the menstrual cycle. Our unique capsule formulation help aid the natural balance of hormones in women and the related symptoms including emotional changes, depression, cramping, hot flashes, hirsutism, infertility and more.

Hormonal imbalance (in this case female hormones are imbalanced) is an ever growing problem. Hormone functions naturally fluctuate monthly and with age, but because they are on a negative feedback system they will always fluctuate past the desired amount and a trigger will kick on to bring it back down (in which it will pass again and continue on a pendulum pattern). This was the original need for women’s natural hormone regulation, but now things are more complex due to high levels of daily stress, birth control, hormones from foods, water and plastics and many other problems. You may not even have a specific symptom you are aware about. Many women turn to hormone regulation down the road when they get a blood test or find they are infertile. Now hormone regulation is needed because hormones are completely out of balance and are not even staying inside a good range.

Herbs can keep these hormone movements at a minimum, so the hormones don’t over shoot and cause you ‘mood swings’, PMS, exacerbated emotions, anxiety and more including those that will give you outbreaks of skin ailments like acne. Herbs can also bring hormones back into good ranges by mimicking natural hormones to stimulate cells and hormone releasing glands.

Herbally we use a special blend of supplementing, antispasmotic, and moving herbs to work directly on the body and the genitourinary tract where the hormones can best be regulated. We use Chinese and Western herbs as well as classical Chinese medicine theory combined with the latest biomedical research.

PSYCLE should be taken an entire cycle of 27-33 days to regulate hormones and your menses, for best results a full 3 months should be given for long term permanent results.

Can concurrently combine with PSYCLE II for as needed PMS relief during menstrual cramp time.


Key Herbs

Shu Di Huang / Rehmannia: Rehmannia is widely used as a blood, bone, kidney and liver tonic. Used for thousands of years for gynecology like hormone balance, regular cycles and energy

Dang Gui / Dong Quai / Angelica Sinensis: Dang Gui is often called the Ultimate Tonic. Dang Gui in our case with PSYCLE has estrogen like compounds that act on the body to normalize the bodies hormones.

Sheng Ma / Black Cohosh: Black Cohosh also shows clinical research of clinically ‘alike’ estrogen effects, not to be confused with actual estrogen. Black Cohosh relieves the symptoms of hormone imbalance by mimicking estrogen effects. Black Cohosh combined with Vitex and Dang Gui relieves all hormone imbalance symptoms.

Man Jing Zi / Vitex: Vitex is the 3rd herb in the triad of hormone regulation for women. Vitex has effect of stimulating the pituitary to increase progesterone. Regulating progesterone and estrogen are key in female hormone regulation.


Overview of PSYCLE

-Natural hormone balance for women, regulates menstrual cycle

-Great for use on all symptoms of hormone imbalance like emotions, hot flashes, cramping, irregular cycles, abnormal hair growth and/or loss, and any perimenopausal / menopausal symptoms.

-Actions: regulates estrogen, regulates progesterone, keeps testosterone in check, settles emotions, regulates the menstrual cycle, overall energy and improved mood by naturally regulating hormones.


100 Capsule Bottles. 650 mg Capsules. The raw herb and extracts used in this formula equates to 1250mg of raw herb per capsule.


Dosage and Ingredients:
Normal dosing is 6-7 capsules a day over a number of menstrual cycles, preferably 3, to help regulate hormones and regulate your menstrual cycle. Full dosage and instructions are on the label.


Ingredients: Shu Di Huang / Rehmannia, Dang Gui / Dong Quaii, Bai Shao / White Peony, Man Jing Zi / Vitex Fruit, Sheng Ma / Black Cohosh, Chai Hu / Bluperum, Xiang Fu / Cyperus, Shan Yao / Wild Yam, Chuan Xiong / Ligusticum. In Both Raw and Whole Herb Extract

*Not recommended for pregnant women

*As an herbal supplement, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is NOT intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease

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