Our Mission

Our mission at Dimmak Herbs is to bring the extraordinary medicinal qualities of Chinese herbs and remedies to the general public. While others want to sell you a sack of herbs and instructions, we at Dimmak Herbs aim to provide prepared and ready to use products with clear instructions. We are here to provide you with the most potent and most effective combinations of Eastern and Western medicinal herbs. We make our own remedies so you can be assured you will NEVER receive diluted, ineffective, and mass-produced formulas (like most coming from China that are made with low quality standards). All of our products start with the highest quality herbs that are: sulphur, heavy metals, and pesticide free. The herbs are lab tested and inspected before we make the products in our own facility! Because we take a wholistic and whole body approach, we get lasting results for all ranges of ailments!

Our Promise

We understand that using natural ingredients is a vital part of Chinese medicine, your health, and the reason you are looking at alternative and natural medicine. All of our products only use natural ingredients and are made through natural, often traditional, processes. Our Chinese herbs are grown under strict quality standards (organic standards) and our Western herbs are USDA certified organic.

Our Philosophy

Chinese medicine is over 5000 years old and functions by working in harmony with the body and restoring balance to the systems when they are disrupted by an illness or ailment. Lets face it, regardless of pharmaceutical medicine or herbal medicine it is your body that is ultimately making the change and healing itself. Instead of using dangerous chemicals with harmful side effects to combat an illness, Chinese medicine uses herbs and other modalities like acupuncture to relieve illness. You don’t have to know anything about Chinese Medicine, Herbology, or Diagnosis Patterns; we take care of formulating, sourcing, and creating the highest quality products for your needs. These products are listed in categories so you know what products we recommend and the instructions will be clear and ready to use. Unsure of what to choose? simply send us an email with your symptoms and we will help you out.

Our Responsibility

At Dimmak Herbs, we believe it is our responsibility to protect our planet. We reuse packing material obtained from other companies and everything we use in house is recycled. Packing materials we purchase have a high percentage of post-consumer and recycled material. All our products are shipped in recyclable containers. We use recycled paper and natural non-toxic inks for all our paper and printing. We are always trying to shrink our carbon footprint, and we use energy efficient equipment, lighting, heating, and cooling systems. Additionally we ship the majority of products using the US Post Office who already visit every home and business therefore not creating more carbon footprint.