Bulk Chinese Herbs

Introducing our Online Chinese Bulk Herbs Store! We are now offering our high quality Chinese herbs and Western herbs in handy pouches. These herbal powders can be mixed into water to make tea, added to shakes /  smoothies, capsulated, or anything you want to do. We have found powders to be the most effective way to take individual herbs, many of our herbs for sale are extracts.

About our Chinese Herbs

All of our herbs are of the utmost quality and potency is verified. These herbs meet ‘organic’ type standards overseas, and many of the well known or Western herbs are certified Organic. All our herbs are LAB TESTED to be free of heavy metals, sulphur, pesticides and preservatives. This leaves only potent medicinal herbs that are lab tested to ensure this potency.

Learn How To Use Chinese Herbs At Home On Your Own: DIY Herbal Supplements


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