Chinese Herb First Aid Wound Demo

Dimmak Herbs doesn’t just sell our products hoping they work, we put them to the TEST!

This is a photographed example of a nasty gash wound being treated at home using Dimmak Chinese Herb First Aid. This example shows pictures of Yunnan Baiyao for example purposes, but Dimmak CLOT was used to treat the wound.

I received a very nasty laceration to my pinky finger when i was handling a glass and it broke in my hand. I immediately applied pressure to the wound and put some Yunnan Baiyao/Dimmak CLOT in my hand and applied it to the gash with pressure to stop bleeding. I then grabbed two Yunnan Baiyao/Dimmak CLOT pills and took them. When the bleeding basically stopped I ran water over the wound and cleaned it to avoid infection.

washing nasty gash

Although my products were already out, here they are. Make sure to take pills internally with the powder.
Dimmak Herbs Clot Remedies in action

When the wound is cleaned place some powder in your palm and add some water to it to make a thick paste
Yunnan Baiyao in use

Apply the paste to the wound in a thick layer. Make sure the paste in the wound and around it.

Yunnan Baiyao being applied

I am now going to use an egg membrane instead of glue or stitches. First crack the egg open trying to leave a large part of the shell in tact.
Cracking an Egg to Use instead of stitches

Here I have taken a large portion of the egg shell and i am removing the membrane very carefully. You do this by chipping off a small portion of the egg shell gently and peel it away. It should bring the membrane with it.
peeling out egg membrain

Now comes the part of wrapping the egg membrane around the area. If the area were to be flat, like your arm or chest you would apply the egg membrane directly over the area. You want to make this application sort of loose as it will constrict when it dries. Look at the examples below.
applying egg membrain instead of stitchesapplying egg membrain instead of stitches

Here I have a securely wrapped membrane that is slightly loose covering the entire wound and a large portion of area around to constrict against.
applying egg membrain instead of stitches

Here it is dry. A tip here is that when it dries make sure it is not too tight. If the tip of my finger was purple, it is way to tight. What you can do is re-wet the membrane and it can then be repositioned. As it dried I used my breath to blow on it to control the speed of drying. I wanted to make sure that as the membrane constricted it was joining the flesh together correctly. Otherwise you will get a healed wound with the flesh not lining up.
applying egg membrain instead of stitches

Because this was not a regular cut, and I am using ‘natural stitches’, I will be covering the wound for several days. If the cut did not require an egg membrane to hold flesh together I would cover the past on the wound and re-wash and apply the powder 3-4 times a day.

I wrapped the area in simple gauze to cover. notice in the previous picture that I also had gauze on my other finger.
applying egg membrain instead of stitches

This is a thicker padding of gauze to protect my finger. I had the outline on my index finger so that it made more of a ‘sheath’ for my pinky rather than a tight fit. The membrane is to stay on your finger basically until it falls off by itself, which is several days. You want to protect the area during this time. Remember to continue to take your pills internally during the first 3-4 days of healing to insure a quick wound repair.
applying egg membrain instead of stitches

Once the membrane hardened up and was falling apart, about 5 days, I removed my gauze.

applying egg membrain instead of stitches

Carefully get the membrane off. You don’t really want to directly wash the area to get it off as you don’t want the wounded area moist. At this point the area is basically healed. There is some red and tenderness of the area, but keeping it protected and clean is best right now.

applying egg membrain instead of stitches
I chose to apply a paste of pearl powder on the wound area. This will finish the wound healing stage and do so with minimal scarring and a good bond. Pearl Powder is excellent for the skin, and this step should always be made if the injury was to the face.

Using Chinese Herb Pearl Powder for scarless healing

Apply the Pearl Powder 2-3 times a day as to wash and clean the area briefly. After a few more days the you will notice from cleaning and inspecting the area that you are all healed up to your expectations. At this point your all done, and your results should be as good as mine.
Wound healed with no stitches all naturally with Dimmak Herbs

The area could still be tender so protect the area from direct harsh contact. I started to apply SHEN to the area once all healed up so that I can get a good movement of blood in the area.


**We don’t condone our products as a replacement to medical attention when necessary.

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