Detox for Health, The Correct Way


There is alot of talk out there about detoxification. Doing a detox on your body has become a pretty common thing for you to hear. Unfortunately, this has led to some misinformation out there and alot of possible ‘snake oil’ products out there. Lets look at some detox information that will help you choose whats right for you.

Your MAIN area of toxins is stored in your large intestine, or colon. The job of your small intestine is to take all that is pure and good out and give your large intestine the junk. This is what has led to the increase in popularity of ‘colon cleanse’ products and such. Some things to remember here. Regularity of your bowels is more important that taking a product that may be more of a laxative product. Some of the cleansers utilize a large amount of fiber and such. The use of these products isn’t really neccesary if you are eating fiber daily in your diet (which you really should be). These can be handy in some instances. If you have been on a processed diet eating garbage for 30 years this may give you a good head start in ‘scraping’ away the outside coatings of processed garbage covering your intestines.

What gets through the intestines goes into the blood and circulates through. The next process is for the liver to filter the toxins or for your body to get rid of it through the skin like sweating. Lets talk about the liver first.

Apart from anything normal from foods that can tax your liver would be alcohol and drugs. Long term bad diets, binging on about anything, ecess alcohol, and basically any drugs can really affect your liver negatively. Im sure there are many products out there to detox your liver, but here are some herbs you can use to make sure your getting the real thing!
Milk Thistle is an obvious herb first on the list. Milk Thistle not only has excellent effects of healing and detoxing the liver, but these effects are PROVEN!
Oregon Grape Root contains alkaloids that are anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial. These properties of Oregon Grape Root make it an excellent cleanser for your liver to help it clean itself out.
Chai Hu / Buleurum is an excellent Chinese Herb. Chai Hu is a detoxing herb that has an affinity for the liver. Chai Hu contains chemicals and oils that releive stress, spasms, and stagnation as well. When all these are combined Bupleurum has found a home in products to clean Hepatitis, reverse Cirrhosis, and help with HIV.

The final place toxins are going to be, if they aren’t cleaned out some how, is in the blood. Blood cleansers are quite useful for not only a blood detox, but also in cases of infection. Detoxing your blood will help with skin problems, acne, getting rid of infections, and lowering fevers. Here are some common herbs for skin detox-
Echinacea Purpurea is a perfect short term use herb to raise white cell count, clear toxins reduce fevers.
Chaparral Leaf is similar to Echinacea and should be used in conjuction with Echinacea for a more powerful effect.
Jin Yin Hua / Honeysuckle is a very common Chinese Herb to clear toxins and reduce heat. This is basically the Echinacea of the East.
Other perfect herbs for Blood Detox would be Yellow Dock, Poke Root, Forsythia/Lian Qiao, and Goldenseal.

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