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  • Blood Purifier-Blood Detox Formula

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    Kidney Revive Ultimate 7 Day Cleanse

    The Kidney Revive™ Ultimate 7 Day Kidney Cleanse & Kidney Detox

    is the ultimate kit for a premium thorough kidney cleansing & flush, stone removal, bacterial elimination, and increased kindey function. This 7 day kidney cleanse is formulated to maximize cleansing and detoxification while keeping the cleansing time as short as possible, only 7 days. Kidney Revive™ combines kidney cleansing & flushing functions, stone removal, bacterial elimination, and increased kidney function. Our advanced formulation to kidney cleanse not only detoxifies the kidney and removes build up in the urinary tract, but has tonification and protective functions. Since the kidney has many functions of elimination and support it is important to provide a combination of detoxing and improve function for optimal detoxification. Additionally our kidney cleanse kit comes with our Tox Flush™ capsules. Tox Flush™ is how we deal with eliminating the toxins that are extracted through the cleansers. Tox Flush™ effectively pulls in, traps, neutralizes and helps dispose of toxins out of the body.
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