Echinacea: Use as Directed

In a newly published article of mine entitled Echinacea Letting You Down? Use as Directed I discuss some points on Echinacea and its correct uses. I would just like to take a second and give out some more information about this wonderful herb, as it is quite popular and many people use it (please read the article on how NOT to use it).

There are a few different types of Echinacea, but their properties and almost identical. I recommend Echinacea Pupurea as it is a little less expensive and less endangered. Also, the leaves and roots and sold as the herb, but I would recommend the use of the roots only for best results of your usage! Echinacea is considered a ‘Mild Herb’ and really has no toxic properties. This means you can pretty much take it in mass quantities and have almost no side effects. If in fact you do choose to go crazy with it, you should add ginger and licorice to the combination to harmonize it. Remember Echinacea is an herb directed and inflammation and acute problems. This is why concentrated doses over a short period is best. During acute stages you can take a full dose of formula every 2 hours the first 3 days. This will probably have improved the condition greatly and you may then move to spaced out dosages for the next 3 days or so.

This doesn’t mean that Echinacea has no use in the Chronic formulas. Echinacea is widely used in Cancer treatments. This is because Echinacea does not lose effectiveness of certain of its properties, in this case a cleaner. A potent blood cleanser is perfect for many conditions and cancer is not an exception. A blood cleanser will purify the blood, clean out the lymph, clear inflammation,and clear up skin sores all of which are important to a cancer patient. Echinacea with a host of other excellent blood cleaners can be used for months straight in order to help clear up conditions.

Another great use for Echinacea that I love is using it for a pet ear wash. I make an extremely potent tincture with Echinacea and some other herbs, boil off the alcohol and wash my dog’s ears with it and it works wonders. Echinacea is great here as all of its properties work perfect for the condition. Anti-inflammatory to reduce the inflammation casued by irritated ears, anti-biotic to kill bacteria, anti-septic for a cleansing action, and fights infection. I actually make a Doggie Ear wash that I sell to local pet stores, and everyone loves it!

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