Naturally Darkening Your Hair and Removing Grey with Herbs

It seems as long as there has been people with grey hair there has been ways to get rid of the grey. In modern times most people utilize hair dye and chemicals including bleach. Obviously these havn’t been around as long (and some choose to take the route of not using chemicals) instead herbs have been used and believe  it or not it is internal medicine instead of external application that has dominated this game. The most famous, and dated, [...]

Using Herbs for Hair Loss and Keeping a Full Head of Hair

Hair loss is an issue in a wide range of age groups. Although many think that hair loss is just for the elderly, this simply isn’t true. In fact hair loss can affect some even at high school ages where embarrassment can reach at its peak. In Chinese Medicine the hair is connected with the Kidney. Also since the hair is often considered a ‘sprouting of abundance’, if you will, the hair has a strong connection to the Chinese Medicine [...]

Using Herbs for Faster Post Surgery Healing

Surgery is common not only as a medical emergency, but as an elective surgery in the case of plastic surgery. From a Western stand point surgery causes trauma to the body and then manipulations are made inside the body. Afterwards your body has to deal with removing anesthetics from the body and the trauma made to the body. In the case of many surgeries it is the incisions that need attention, but in the case of cosmetic surgery, [...]

Using Herbs for Different Hair Remedies

Great hair can really make a difference and this is defiantly one of those cross-cultural beliefs. Hair and its characteristics has a large link with genetics, however there are some techniques we can do to help different parts of our hair. Regular upkeep of your hair is a good place to start. A quality diet is good way to keep a good head of hair. In Chinese Medicine the blood needs to be sufficient to nourish the Liver and [...]

Herbs for Back and Neck Pains

Pains are without a doubt the #1 complaint of all the patients seeking care. Unfortunately most pains are very difficult to treat in Western medicine. Most pains are treated with NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) over the counter such as Asprins, Ibuprofen, or a similar drug of action Tylenol. More severe pains are treated with Opiates that are addictive, dangerous, have bad side-effects, and are almost completely unsuccessful at treating nerve related pain. NSAIDs have much less side-effects, but long [...]

5 Ways to Avoid Negative Effects of Herbs

There's no doubt that herbs are beneficial in many ways, but they're not all the same. Herbs have been used since time immemorial as natural, alternative medication to treat various ailments and relieve symptoms of recurring conditions and maladies. Most people believe that they are better than regular medicines and treatment methods because they have no side effects and are gentle on the human body. But there is a side to herbs that we are not aware of, the [...]

Options for Treating Different Types of Baldness

Hair loss is a big problem nowdays. Some one may be affected by this at an early age and some others may be in later age. It can be vary from person to person. Hair loss has explanations of its causes in many different times of medicine modalities, but it is still difficult to explain. Hair loss can be traced to happen mostly due to stress and life style changes. The food which we eat seems to have [...]

Ginkgo Biloba/Bai Guo Ye and Everything you Want to Know

Ginkgo biloba is a plant of eastern origin more accurately ethnic Chinese and Korean, however this can also be found in countries like Argentina, Uruguay, United States and France, this tree has within its main features the longevity of it, because some data argue that this can last up to a millennium without losing their benefits for organic or natural medicine. The ginkgo biloba plant has been used since ancient times by Chinese and Koreans to create some types of [...]

Using Herbs to Help Treat Fibroids

Here is our latest question! Gaye asks: Hi I have subserosal fibroids and they cause pelvic pain as well as backache. Is there any herbal remedy to stop the pain and reduce the size of fibroids? I have no kids and planning to have in the future. Well I should start by mentioning that those with fibroids should be under the care of a physician, however it is obviously your choice to treat them however you want and if you elect to not [...]

Herbs that Help in Controlling Diabetes

Diabetes is more of a lifestyle statement than a disease. It controls us only when we’re no longer in control over it. It is one disease that can be managed with some common sense, a healthy diet, regular exercise, and an active lifestyle. Very often, unless you are on the extreme end of the scale and need insulin injections, you can lead a normal life without medication of any kind if your blood sugar levels remain within the allowed [...]