Trauma, Contusion, Broken Bone and Bone Healing with Herbs

Today I am going to get into some trauma and first aid herbal application, something a bit tougher to find online. I am going to talk about 2 sets of herbs to use internally for trauma, contusions and bruising and then broken bones healing or partially torn ligaments/tendons.

Trauma is a generic term to refer to direct or second hand damage to a part of the body. Contusions are basically bruises, so basically what we are covering is most injuries not including bleeding. Basically at the time of trauma several things happen. Because of the damage to your body your body has several actions that include swelling, histamine, and of course pain. In trauma herbology we basically recognize the main problem here as stasis, in other wards there is a blockage and back up here. The backup is causing swelling and the blockage is now stopping new and fresh blood from getting to the area to heal! This is basically why we look to apply heat as soon as possible with little ice application.

Here are some herbs we might combine to take internally:

Ru Xiang / Frankincense & Mo Yao / Myrrh. These 2 resins are placed here together because these 2 are rarely NOT used separately. In this case we are defiantly using BOTH of these resin herbs together. These herbs together an effect that moves out old blood brings in new blood, and can heal and generate flesh.

San Leng / Spargani Rhizome. San Leng is one of the most powerful herbs in the book to move blood. This is one of the more important treatment principles, therefore another great herb to think about.

Dang Gui / Dong Quai / Tang Kwei / Angelica Sinensis. Dang Gui is yet another good herb to use here. Dang Gui makes one of the more excellent choices here because Dang Gui nourishes and builds blood as well as moves the blood. Dang Gui also has the has properties that reduce swelling and heal too! More info specifically on Dang Gui.

Chi Shao / Red Peony. Chi Shao is quite a common choice due to its dual properties. Chi Shao is yet another herb that is good at moving blood, but it also has a property known as cooling the blood. In other words the herb is known to cool at a deep level. This cooling at this level can really help in not necessarily reducing swelling so much as it is cooling the blood to help reduce the heat while moving the blood.

Yan Hu Suo / Corydalis– Yan Hu Suo is an herb that is in the category to move blood, but more importantly this herb is quite well known to treat pain! A great additive to this formula.

There is some examples for you and even at that rudimentary level, you would still be able to make an effective trauma healing pill. Traditionally these would be made as honey pills. Grind up your herbs and combine with honey. These trauma pills are designed to be taken for the first 3 days or as soon as the initial trauma has recovered. You are going to take about 6 pills daily as 2 pills 3 times a day.

Let’s move on to bone problems. So lets say for example we have a broken bone, we would initially take our trauma/contusion pills above then we would move on to take pills that would assist us in knitting bones together faster and stronger. So let’s look at a few herbs we would use for these kinds of pills.

Xu Duan / Dipsaci / Teasel Root – This is a very famous herb known for its ability to knit together ligaments and bones. Teasel root is also used as an herb for strengthening tendons and bones as well.

Gu Sui Bu / Drynaria– Gu Sui Bu basically has 1 function and that is to mend broken bones back together. Gu Sui Bu and Xu Duan make a great pair and can be the only 2 herbs if you want.

Additionally you can choose to add some supplementation to the other 2 herbs.

Wu Jia Pi / Acanthopanax Root– This an example as an herb that is used to strengthen tendon and bone and therefore makes a great supplement to a formula like this.

Additionally you should think about adding light blood movers and blood supplementing herbs. For light movement and supplementation think of some herbs like:

Ru Xiang / Frankinsence as described above, this herb moves blood and supplements.

Dang Gui / Dong Quai / Angelica Sinensis– Another herb from above, this herb moves and builds blood

Bai Shao / White Peony Root – Bai Shao is an excellent blood builder and also has pain relief abilities.

Again you can use these as capsules or take as powered, but is traditionally taken as honey pills. Make large honey pills and take for about 3 weeks. Normally when you are casted you are given about a 4-6 week time frame. I challenge you to try this and get an X-Ray in about 2-3 weeks and you will likely be able to remove the cast earlier!

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