Why use Herbs?

Herbs make up the bases for approximately 75% of modern prescription medicine, and 50% of those still use the herb. This shows how powerful herbs actually are.

As you may know, prescription drugs do not come without side-effects, some being really bad for you body in the long run. This is due to the fact that the chemicals in the herb are extracted and used in highly concentrated doses. By using herbs you are using the entire portions of the herbs used in the formula, not just the main chemicals in them. This fact alone typically lends to zero side effects. Any side-effects are actually usually due to the wrong formula being used and can be changed at that time. This example of using the whole herb follows the ‘Whole Body’ healing principle know as ‘Holistic Healing’. Remember, we are trying to bring balance back, not just suppress symptoms. Don’t get us wrong, sometimes prescription drugs are absolutely necessary. However, we don’t believe that pumping ourselves full of anti-biotics every time our nose starts sniveling is the answer.

Chinese Medicine dates back close to 5000 years ago. The innovators throughout the millennium have perfected the process of diagnoses based on the properties of the herbs. In this system unique to Chinese Medicine, herbal formulas are extremely potent, versatile, and just plain WORK! Chinese Herbs have specific properties and are used mostly in Chinese Herbal Formulas, however there are many powerful Western Herbs out there and Dimmak Herbs takes the best of both worlds. We are determined to provide the highest quality and most effective herbal supplements. Thanks to our training in Western and Chinese herbalism we can use the most effective herbs for the job, regardless where the herb grows!

DIMMAK HERBS uses only the most quality Chinese and Western herbs that are correctly harvested for maximal potency. When followed as directed along with any recommended exercise, lifestyle change, diet and/or acupuncture herbal formulas are extremely effective, give it a try as your satisfaction is guaranteed by us!

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