Why use Herbs?

Herbs make up the bases for approximately 75% of modern prescription medicine, and 50% of those still use the herb. This shows how powerful herbs actually are. As you may know, prescription drugs do not come without side-effects, some being really bad for you body in the long run. This is due to the fact that the chemicals in the herb are extracted and used in highly concentrated doses. By using herbs you are using the entire portions of the [...]

Dimmak Formulas vs. Western OTC Formula

Western OTC medicine is manufactured to be as general as possible, so they can market to the largest amount of people possible. This approach is aimed at suppressing symptoms. DIMMAK Herb's Formulas are made to bring balance back to your body. Our herbal supplements are aimed at fixing the root of the problem, and suppress a few symptoms ( like pain) so you are not uncomfortable during treatment. The Western way of making supplements is quite different in formula make [...]

Health Through Diet: Back to the Basics

The western world is one filled with technology and wonderful incites into medicine. Much relief of ailments can be found at local stores as ‘over-the-counter’ medicine. Greater ailments can be healed through wondrous medical procedures and prescription drugs. If I have a headache I would be able to grab some sort of aspirin or other headache medicine at almost any household in the US. Have you ever wondered why you got a headache? Did you just assume it was [...]

Chinese Training and Sports Medicine

Chinese Martial artists for the last 3000 years have been training and getting injured the same as today. In fact martial artists that were considered 'Masters' at the time were mostly doctors or bone setters. If you aren't healthy, you can't train its that simple. Obviously Physical Therapists and Western Medicine were not around, but hey also weren't needed. The Chinese used herbs and body therapy techniques to heal injuries and keep students in top condition. The big 'secret' about [...]

Fish Oil and its Benefits

People who zealously guard their health and fitness will likely scurry to find some place to hide when they hear ‘fat’ and ‘oil’. There are 2 types of fats, the bad one and the good ones but these people just have not been able to comprehend this. More harm would in fact be done than good when fats and oils are absolutely eliminated in a person’s diet. The Skinny about Fish Oil An individual would be putting one nail at a [...]

Synergy – The Remedy in the Herbal Supplement

This is the article that defines Dimmak Herbs as a company. Synergy refers to the idea that the sum of the parts adds up to more (or less, in some cases) than the whole. This idea is an important one for herbalism where it is essential to combine different herbs thoughtfully and carefully in order to maximize the benefit a patient will receive. When you combine different herbs, the result can be a great deal more powerful (and sometimes different) [...]

Benefits of Soy Protein

Getting a rising share of attention these days as another choice to get our proteins is soy protein. The way we see diet will be transformed and how this will go about is keeping the health professionals abuzz. So what is causing these entire rave? Read on and get to know the greatness of soy protein. A protein from plants is what soy protein is: Aside from having the trait of being one of the easiest to absorb among the countless [...]

Acupressure- History, Explanation and Usage

The greatest wonder in this cosmos is the human body . Our body is well equipped with the best automatic , delicate but the most powerful machines – Heart and Lungs ( a non-stop pumping set ) ; Eyes – a wonderful camera cum projector system; Ears- an astounding sound system; Stomach – a wonderful chemical laboratory ; Nerves- miles of communication system. Brain- an unparalleled computer with infinite capacity . And the greatest thing about it is unbelievable [...]

Echinacea Letting You Down?

If I were to give up all my Western Herbs and go back to just using Chinese Herbs solely, Echinacea would be the only herb I would be at a loss with. I just can't substitute an herb as effective as Echinacea for its cleansing power. Yet, many people feel that Echinacea doesn't work and others always ask me about Echinacea products that contain no other herbs. Unfortunately this herb may have fallen to commercialism, over hype, and a misunderstanding [...]

When does a Herbal Supplement become a Drug?

Herbal remedies have been used for thousands of years. Herbs are grown, harvested and then dried under specific conditions to have the optimum amount of properties available for use. Whole herbs have many advantages for use in herbal remedies. Whole herbs not only contain chemicals that have the healing properties it is used for; but also contains vitamins, minerals, and many other things that act as buffers.  This makes whole herbs by themselves very safe to take with also little [...]