Dimmak Formulas vs. Western OTC Formula

Western OTC medicine is manufactured to be as general as possible, so they can market to the largest amount of people possible. This approach is aimed at suppressing symptoms. DIMMAK Herb’s Formulas are made to bring balance back to your body. Our herbal supplements are aimed at fixing the root of the problem, and suppress a few symptoms ( like pain) so you are not uncomfortable during treatment.

The Western way of making supplements is quite different in formula make up. Western companies take an attribute of an herb and give you a concentrated dose of the herb and market it for the trait. Lets take a typical general example. If you walk down the supplement section in your health food store you will see that most of the supplements are simply a single herb, or an extract of a single herb. Sore muscle cream is merely a jelly base with a couple analgesics in it. How about one more specific: a memory formula you would get at a store would probably be Ginkgo Biloba (extract). Why? Because research has shown that Ginkgo increases blood flow to the head and increases memory. Dimmak Herb’s PHOCUS capsules also have Ginkgo Biloba, but its used with 12 other herbs that synergistically improve memory, increase blood flow to the head, brighten your vision and more!

Every herbal supplement we formulate has at least 3 herbs, most 8+, to use the herbs synergistically to get the job done. Dimmak Herbs doesn’t rely on a single ingredient to formulate an herbal supplement, but several herbs to treat the ailment root from multiple angles, treat the symptoms if needed, and bring back balance.

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