Acai Berry as a Longevity, Super Food, and Immunity Supplement

acai-berryAcai Berry products are without a doubt a growing product that is tough to not have heard of! I decided to write this so you can find out info of this exotic berry without trying to sell it to you!

Acai is pronounced ‘ah-sigh-ee’, so now you are ‘in the know’. It is a berry regarded as “super food” and longevity food. The secrets of the berry is the high level of antioxidants which is what connects it to health, longevity, energy, and cancer fighting properties.

Acai Berry is an Acai palm tree fruit grown in the Amazon rain forest of South America specifically Brazil, Panama and Trinidad. The appearance is similar to that of a grape, yet slightly darker in color. The small berry with, a large seed inside, surrounded by a small amount of pulp are uniquely gown in bunches, three to eight bunches of Acai berries at a time, also like grapes.

Popular for centuries in the Amazon for its medicinal and commercial purposes, Acai berry got the exposure to the western countries after 1990’s as Westerners in the area were given Acai from locals. Local use of the berry shows their use for its medicinal properties from thousands years back. A lot off information is available on the antioxidant benefits of the fruit and its nutritional assess which makes for a use of a variety of ailments and circumstances.

According to research the berry has a very broad range of effects that have an effect on about every part of your body. This is similar to other berry type Chinese Herbs that work on a large variety of organ systems. Acai berry benefits include its rich natural formulation of several minerals and vitamins, and functions to suppress appetite, detoxifies the colon & the bowel area, and a keen watch over controlling the blood pressure and the cholesterol levels. These functions will show as improvement in the functioning of your digestion system and preventing colon & stomach cancer. As we say, when digestion is healthy the body is healthy. It also supports the immune system by fortifying cells and fighting back with the overwhelming mount of antioxidants.

Acai berry diet supplement require a few essential consideration, such as: The Acai juices & pulps must be seedless and purple in color comprising to the natural fruit’s color, and tastes like a blend of chocolates & blue berries along with the need of the fruit being freeze dried NOT spray dried. There are many online sellers of Acai Berry and other Acai berry reviews can be found on the internet to help you find a good seller. As with all supplements you should find a reputable seller who will provide you with authentic and quality supplements. I will also provide you here with a link to Acai berry FAQs so you can do further research on this new and exciting exotic berry.

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