The Benefits of a Whole Body Cleanse and Detox

In the fast-paced society that we live in, it can be extremely hard to eat well. Most of the food that resides on supermarket shelves is overly processed and extremely low in vitamins and nutrients; the whole point of eating is to ingest these vital nutrients. Add to that the use of synthetic chemicals in everything from breakfast cereal to pesticides on vegetables, and it is no wonder that people have health issues. We are what we eat and [...]

Acai Berry as a Longevity, Super Food, and Immunity Supplement

Acai Berry products are without a doubt a growing product that is tough to not have heard of! I decided to write this so you can find out info of this exotic berry without trying to sell it to you! Acai is pronounced 'ah-sigh-ee', so now you are 'in the know'. It is a berry regarded as "super food" and longevity food. The secrets of the berry is the high level of antioxidants which is what connects it to health, [...]