Garlic- A True Miracle Herb

garlic.jpgI have seen other sites and pages on the Internet that are dedicated to the power of Garlic. It seems however that Garlic is just too simple of an herb for people to give it any credit. Garlic seems like a ‘grandma herbs’ or something that you just use for Italian cooking. Well, there is of-course some truth to this because to use an herb medicinally you have to use it in much higher potency than you put in your spaghetti. Once we get passed the herb as a simple food and get the right potency we are left with an herb that can be attributed to being able to treat all ailments. Lets see why-

Garlic is a tonifier, bile stimulator, metabolism increase, detox, and its antibiotic AND anti-parasitic (I’m sure I even missed something).
Garlic has a very pungent smell and one that lasts, as most of us know. This smell is due to compounds of sulfur, but that same compound is what makes it a great antibiotic. Since Garlic is also anti-parasitic you can use it as a ‘general herb’ for any time you are sick or even as prevention! It is like nature’s answer to health insurance ( Make it a staple of your diet and you should be able to avoid all kinds of illnesses and ailments. Better to prevent that need cures in my opinion!
Medicinally as a herbalist the main usage for garlic is lung conditions, colds, flu’s, and infections. Garlic is for these acute conditions so it should be taken in smaller amounts and often. One of the best ways to make a preparation of Garlic is to make it into an oil that can be kept in a bottle in your cupboard. The reason is fresh Garlic has the better properties for invasion conditions and it makes for a very easily used product. Here is how:
Buy a bunch of fresh Garlic
Buy a small-medium bottle of olive oil in a glass bottle
Peel the Garlic and mash it up in a mortar or similar. Put all of your garlic in a glass jar and cover with your olive oil. Put the lid on your jar, shake it up and put it away for a 3-4 days or so. A warm environment would be better. After a few days simply strain the ‘Garlic Oil’ back into the olive oil bottle and put it in your cupboard.
Typically a good dose is going to be 1-3 teaspoons every 2-3 hours internally for respiratory issues, colds, flu’s, stomach issues, etc.
This oil can also be topically! Put a few drops in your ear for an earache or apply on small cuts and scrapes to aid in healing and repel of bacteria or parasites.
Lets not forget that you can just use this  oil to dip some whole wheat bread in etc at meals. I would also like to note here that my dog gets ear infections quite often. I simply feed him some garlic and put some of the oil in his ears and it clears up usually in about 3 days or so.

Now, lets also get back to Garlic as a building and tonic herb. Garlic and onions together can be added to about any meal, and I highly recommend it. Garlic and onions can be traced back to Egyptian workers to keep them healthy and strong while building the great pyramids.

Garlic also is absorbed by the body very quickly. If you eat large doses of it you can smell it on your skin just a few minutes after. Also you can try rubbing some on your feet and you will be able to taste it in your mouth.

Got intestinal, hook, pin, or ring worm? Other parasites? Well, you should probably go to the hospital, but in true Blog of Herbs fashion I have some help for you anyway. You need alot of Garlic, get it mashed up and in a jar for multiple uses. First, rub the garlic directly over the area of problem (or garlic oil). Do this about 3-4 times daily. Ingest a couple cloves worth of garlic every 2-3 hours. Make a tea of a hot cup of water and dissolve 1 ounce of Garlic in it, now take this as an enema 1-2 times daily.

So whats the bottom line? Lets have a little more respect for Garlic although no need to fall prey to rediculous claims and sham stories.

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