Light to Severe Burns and their Herbal Treatments

A first degree burn is basically a sun burn or any other irritation of the skin. Skin will appear red and will be sensitive to heat. A second degree burn is more severe and deals with blistering and puss in the area. The body at this point is trying to cool itself by sending liquid to the area (pus) to cool and protect the area. Third degree burns are even more sever and relate to a loss of skin at the area. I would like to touch only briefly on the first two and talk about using herbs and household goods to heal 3rd degree burns.

First degree burns are most commonly had from sunburns or from some hot water. The skin gets red and is very sensitive to heat. At this point the skin is very irritated and either gonna die and peel or make it through. Honestly the best remedy here is Aloe Vera Gel. Nothing magic here that you may not have already known. Aloe is a very soothing and since its a gel you are able to run it over the area and instantly feel a nice cool feeling on the area. Keep the area from heat and exposure and you’ll be fine in no time.

Second degree burns are a furthering of a first degree where the body is trying to cool and pad the area. This leads to blistering and a whitening of the area. Second degree burns are common in fair skinned people and for those of you who are not may never see this type of burn. This can be a much more painful experience and its a little trickier because you have open wounds basically. Our main herb here is going to be calendula. For the absolute quickest and most effective use of calendula simply saute it on low heat with Olive Oil in a 1 part calendula to 4 part Olive Oil. After about an hour just strain out the herb and use the oil. If you have access or want to make a better oil take 2 parts calendula, 2 parts comfrey leaves, 1 part lobelia. If there is pain the area add 1 part Kava Kava. Kava acts as a local anesthetic and will help a great deal. You will want to powder these down and combine with olive oil to make a thick paste. You could also add all of these in 1 part to 4 parts water with a little slippery elm and cook down to a really thick paste. You will want to apply this and cover with gauze very lightly and wash often to avoid infection. These formulas should provide a good deal of relief and quick healing!

Third degree burns are the most serious burns although you don’t have to be a in a ‘burn victim ward’ to have them. You can burn smaller areas or limbs of your body quite easily. Fire is the most direct cause of third degree burns and they are not fun. In reality the worst part of the burn is that it is an open wound with complete burn off of skin. So you have infection to worry about and the scar that will be left there as you body tries to heal this area. If you have a serious burn, I recommend a hospital trip. If you choose not to or whatever, I am not responsible :). What we want to do here is apply a soothing paste to the area that will also help our bodies regenerate skin in the area! Well, there happens to be such an herb and its called comfrey. Here is the recipe you need. 3 parts comfrey root, 1 part lobelia, 1 part calendula, 1/2 part honey, some garlic juice, 1/2 part wheat germ oil, and some olive oil. Notice the similarities to the second degree burn formula, although there are some differences. We are using comfrey root instead of leaves, we are using honey, we aren’t using anything additional for pain, the ratios are a bit different, and you need to make this a certain way.
You need to fine powder the herbs and throw the honey in a stainless steel pot. Heat the honey to where it is liquified. At this point put your wheat germ oil in there and then turn off the heat. Now put all of your herb into the pot and mix up while adding olive oil to get a very thick paste. You can throw your garlic juice in there now and make sure your paste is thick like cake frosting. At this point you will know if you over did the honey cause the paste will harden. If you did this right you are ready to apply. Apply directly and thickly over the wound and bandage over. You will leave this on for 3-4 days and then remove without disturbing anything. Make sure you THUROUGHLY CLEAN THE WOUND prior to applying this!
Now let me explain what we have here. You washed the wound and now you have a clean third degree burn. Calendula is a very soothing herb and treats burn very well. Lobelia helps other work by relaxing the area and helping with pain. Garlic is one of the best disinfectants on the planet and will help with a clean healing process. Comfrey root is a very strong flesh regeneration herb. It also has drawing power and is soothing and anti-inflammatory. Wheat germ is protecting the area and soothing, a very important part of this formula and should not be left out. The olive oil helps with the binder and is much less expensive than wheat germ oil although you can use only wheat germ oil if you want. Finally the honey will act as a barrier on the wound and keep infection out for the 3-4 day period you will have this on.

A few things I would like to point out. You can buy a formula ready to go for burns called Burn Paste from Calendula is a weed and grows abundantly. You should learn to recognize the herb as it could help you tremendously if you were out in the wild. Fresh calendula works the same as dried.

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