Can Low Omega 3 Levels Prove Fatal?

Nutritional deficiencies can become fatal when not addressed properly and neglected over a longer period of time.  However such deficiencies are preventable (normally in one way or another).  Nearly one million people die in Unites States every year due to six major health risks.  Omega 3 deficiency is sixth in the list of these six risks.

Recent research by the Harvard School of Public Health has revealed that there are six preventable risks that take a toll of nearly one million lives every year.  Among these preventable risks, Omega 3 deficiency ranks sixth. That virtually means that such deficiencies would not only be fatal but it can take the toll of thousands of lives if not addressed in time.

Statistics available in the database of the National Center for Health Statistics were assessed and examined thoroughly by the scientists.  In the process they took into consideration twelve highly significant lifestyle of average Americans.  Such lifestyle included use of tobacco, less consumption of fruits and vegetables, consumption of more alcohol and above all; physical inactivity that is reason for ailments in more Americans (no surprise here).  Most of these can cause Omega 3 deficiency that could result in serious ailments and at the end of it could be fatal for your life.

To quote Doctor Goodarz Danei, one of the leading experts on the subject; “To have hundreds of thousands of premature deaths caused by these modifiable risk factors is shocking and should motivate a serious look at whether our public health system has sufficient capacity to implement interventions and whether it is currently focusing on the right set of interventions.”  His findings are available in his new report “The Preventable Causes of Death in the United States” where he has comparatively assess the risk factors including Omega 3 in his studies published by the Library of Sciences Medical Journal.

According to the expert research and analysis, Omega 3 deficiencies are responsible for nearly one hundred thousand lives every year. One of the possible solutions for the risk is considered to be consumption of fresh water fish that has the highest levels of Omega 3 and that can reduce the heart problems to a very great extent saving your from possible dangers. Small little fish are the best source of Omega Fatty Acids, but just about any fish can give you Omega Fatty Acids. Although the small fish has higher amounts, by eating your weekly sushi or other fish products you should be fine.

For vegetarian or vegan type diets, you may be low on Omegas due to not eating fish or any fish products. It is essential that you are then taking some type of vegetarian supplements that can replace important nutrients missed out from animal products. The reason small little fish have the higher amount of Omega 3’s is because they have a diet high in algae. It is then this algae that can be used as the source for Omega Fatty Acids and be completely vegetarian and vegan at the same time! Vegetarian Omega 3 can be purchased completey organic and due to it being the actual ‘source’ it does all of the same effects and everything else fish oil can do.

Omegas are not only important to not dying, but is used as an extraordinary cardiac tonic and has been substituted for heart medication in other countries such as Spain. Enjoy a healthy long life with your daily-weekly fish/algae consumption :)

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