Do It Yourself Herbal Supplements: The New Herbal Trend

A Guide to DIY Herbal Supplements plus Recipes 20% of the population uses herbal medicine and herbal supplements 40% of the population use alternative medicine therapies such as acupuncture The natural supplement industry has been booming over the last 10 years. Supplement use has grown steadily at 8% since 2013 where it was already a healthy industry. This growth is from several factors, with supplement growth mostly due to increased public demand. The supplement industry is growing thanks to: Increased research of [...]

Herbs for Osteoporosis: Naturally Building Stronger Bones by Increasing Calcium and Vitamin D Absorption

According to the U.S. Center for disease control, osteoporosis “affects approximately 10 million Americans and another 44 million have low bone density”. Osteoporosis means “porous bone” and causes our bones to become weak and prone to breaking as we age and lose bone mass. As we get older, our bodies become less efficient and less able to maintain certain functions, such as the generation of bone tissue. Bone mass decreases as we age at a rate of 10% to [...]

All About Your Bones: How Bones Break Down and How to Build Them Back Up

Bone Health and Healing Your 2 Types of Bone Tissue Breaking a bone can be a painful and traumatic event and the healing process can be long and arduous without ample care and nutrition. Before we talk about what happens inside our bodies when we break a bone we will first discuss the 2 types of bone tissue known as Cortical bone and Cancellous bone that make up our skeletal bones. Cortical Bone Tissue Cortical bone tissue, also known as compact bone, [...]

Probiotics or Prebiotics, the Great Digestion Debate.

As processed foods, pharmaceuticals and bad diet have clogged up our digestive tracts we have turned a blind eye to proper digestion. Our medical professions continue to increase the 'normal' bowel movement times now up to around 3 days. Well, many continue to debate that a bowel movement should be daily and digestion should be smooth, and I am one of them. First, lets talk about what is considered 'good' digestion. In Chinese Medicine we split digestion from bowel movement [...]

3 Reasons to Try Alternative Health Remedies

There is no end in sight to the debate that rages on between the purists who believe that drugs are the answer to all our ills and the naturalists who swear that drugs are the main reason for all our ills. The former, while admitting that prevention is better than cure, also holds firm to the belief that it is necessary to go through the proper channels of medical care in order to get to the root of the [...]

Preparing for a Career as a Professional Herbalist

Alternative medicine, once shunned by the medical profession as ineffective and even dangerous, has gained popularity and recognition in recent years as its effectiveness and safety have been scrutinized and validated. In particular, the use of natural herbs to treat various ailments has been approved by most medical practitioners as a beneficial supplement to or substitute for traditional pharmaceutical medications. Professional herbalists act as natural pharmacists, growing and dispensing useful plants to patients to assist them with ailments ranging [...]

Electro-Stimulation Growing in use to more Sports Therapy

Electro-stimulation which has been used in healing (mainly physical therapy and Acupuncture although different techniques) has allowed science to be involved in the processes of human physical training, through the creation of electro stimulation as a main part of this innovative and important type of working out. Electro stimulation is the main part of sports therapy and training, as this causes the muscles to contract by using electrical charges in order to avoid physical activity. Although it is good to [...]

Can Low Omega 3 Levels Prove Fatal?

Nutritional deficiencies can become fatal when not addressed properly and neglected over a longer period of time.  However such deficiencies are preventable (normally in one way or another).  Nearly one million people die in Unites States every year due to six major health risks.  Omega 3 deficiency is sixth in the list of these six risks. Recent research by the Harvard School of Public Health has revealed that there are six preventable risks that take a toll of nearly [...]

Detox and Cleanse your way to Feeling Great!

Tired, feel heavy and fatigued? Maybe its time that you gave your body a break. In many cultures across the world they practice fasting because it is a way to clear their body and their mind. This fasting doesn't really correlate really well to Chinese Medicine as food is very important to your body, however I see excellent results when people use proper detoxification and cleansing products. Because these products aid the body in getting rid of toxins they [...]

Herbs and Supplements to Quicken Weightloss Results

So lets start with the basics here. You have slowly gotten yourself off the bad food and into the good stuff and have picked up some exercise routine. Now with June already here you are looking to act fast for a bikini body by July. Well, there are defiantly some drastic things out there that I don't really recommend, but I do have some herbs and supplement suggestions for you. Fu Ling / Poria- This herb is actually a fungus [...]