Can Low Omega 3 Levels Prove Fatal?

Nutritional deficiencies can become fatal when not addressed properly and neglected over a longer period of time.  However such deficiencies are preventable (normally in one way or another).  Nearly one million people die in Unites States every year due to six major health risks.  Omega 3 deficiency is sixth in the list of these six risks. Recent research by the Harvard School of Public Health has revealed that there are six preventable risks that take a toll of nearly [...]

Is Fish Oil Better than Drugs For Preventing Heart Disease

Fish oil and Omega fatty acids, namely Omega-3, continue to show more and more health benefits. Omega fatty acids have been researched for effectiveness against cancer,  brain function, depression, cardiovascular disorders, and much more. Although Omegas have been researched for heart conditions, researchers are putting it up to the test against pharmaceuticals. Recently an Italian study put Omega 3 fatty acid pills against the pharmaceutical drug Crestor (Rosuvastatin). Here is the breakdown of the results: 3500 patients per each category. 4 [...]

Supplementing Follow Up- Some TV Humor

For those of you that happen to watch TV on Monday nights, there is a show on CBS called 'The Big Bang Theory'. Basically a couple 'geeks' live next door to a 'hot girl' and they hang out showing us the differences they two have. In yesterdays episode Sheldon, the double doctorate and masters degree holder having a job in theoretical physics, goes shopping with the girl next door. At the market Sheldon interrupts her buying a multi-vitamin. He tells her [...]