Natural Relief for Cramps

My topic today is inspired by my wife returning home from the OBGYN today, and has been almost been bedridden with cramping pains. This scenario could be the same for normal monthly crampings as well. The first I would like to do is point out that Dimmak Herbs has 2 female formulas: PSYCLE & PSYCLEII. Dimmak Herbs Cramps Herbal Remedies will show you about our 2 formulas. 1 is for Hormones and the other specifically for cramping as part [...]

Overpaying by Overusing Goldenseal?

Well, for 2nd day in a row I will give you another money saving tip on herbs you probably use alot. Goldenseal is a superior herb that has many great properties. It is anti-inflammitory, antiseptic, and tonifies to name a few. Goldenseal is known to be beneficial to almost every organ. There aren't many formulas without Goldenseal for infections, hemorrhoids, vaginal infections, cysts, inflammation, ear problems, etc... Now that you may have ran over to one of your herbal [...]

Your Ginseng replacement – Codonopsis / Dang Shen

Ever since Ginseng became popularized in the 1980s in the west and then commercialized, the price has shot up, quality has gone down, and the herb is on a verge of types of endangerment. The biggest issue with Ginseng / Ren Shen in my opinion is the fact that low quality Ginseng is being passed around and sold in products. Whats happening here is that unaged low quality herbs are harvested and then thrown in a large batches to [...]