Various Herbs for Cancer Treatment & Management

Ancient China although didn’t know exactly as much as we know now about cancer they certainly understood some signs and symptoms including progressions of some cancers. Treatments back then included herbs and even with the advancements in biomedicine today, herbs are still utilized in the treatment, prevention and to manage the side-effects of cancer. Initially herbs were used solely on a pattern based prescription as they are normally including modern day practitioners. This means that herbs are given specifically to [...]

Herbs for Eye Problems, Conjunctivitis, Red Eyes, Glaucoma

Herbs can help your eyes in many ways, even some you may not have even thought of! Due to the various properties of herbs, you can use daily dosages of herbs for red eyes, enhance vision, night blindness, itchy eyes, conjunctivitis (pink eye), and even glaucoma. So, lets talk about some different eye problems and then talk about some herbs and ways to treat them. Red eyes are often a cause of allergies or an attack on your body (common cold). [...]

Overpaying by Overusing Goldenseal?

Well, for 2nd day in a row I will give you another money saving tip on herbs you probably use alot. Goldenseal is a superior herb that has many great properties. It is anti-inflammitory, antiseptic, and tonifies to name a few. Goldenseal is known to be beneficial to almost every organ. There aren't many formulas without Goldenseal for infections, hemorrhoids, vaginal infections, cysts, inflammation, ear problems, etc... Now that you may have ran over to one of your herbal [...]