Dang Gui, Dong Quai, Angelica Sinensis Herb of the Week

Dang Gui is an extremely powerful herb that is part of the Angelica family. Dang Gui is also known as Dong Quai, Tang Kuei, Dang Gwi, and sometimes Qin Gui. The latin name is Angelica Sinensis and is 1 of 3 major herbs used in the Angelica Family in Chinese Medicine. There really is no common name, it is known as Dang Gui but written in the West sometimes as Tang Kuei which is a 'translation' in Wade-Giles instead [...]

Herbs to Manage Menstrual Cramps, PMS, and PMDD

Jamika asks: Dear Sean- Can you advise an herb for really really really bad menstrual cramps? Yes I can. In the herbal world cramping is considered spasms. What you want to control cramping is naturally an anti-spasmodic. This would be similar to formulas that one would use for nervousness, shock, as well as cramping. To name 1 herb for this condition I would definitely go with one that is anti-spasmodic and has affinity for the Female Reproductive System. Black Haw is the most powerful [...]

Natural Relief for Cramps

My topic today is inspired by my wife returning home from the OBGYN today, and has been almost been bedridden with cramping pains. This scenario could be the same for normal monthly crampings as well. The first I would like to do is point out that Dimmak Herbs has 2 female formulas: PSYCLE & PSYCLEII. Dimmak Herbs Cramps Herbal Remedies will show you about our 2 formulas. 1 is for Hormones and the other specifically for cramping as part [...]