Natural Relief for Cramps

Natural Relief for Cramps

My topic today is inspired by my wife returning home from the OBGYN today, and has been almost been bedridden with cramping pains. This scenario could be the same for normal monthly crampings as well. The first I would like to do is point out that Dimmak Herbs has 2 female formulas: PSYCLE & PSYCLEII. Dimmak Herbs Cramps Herbal Remedies will show you about our 2 formulas. 1 is for Hormones and the other specifically for cramping as part of the Pre Menstral Syndrome (PMS). The major herbs we are talking about here are Western’s Cramp Bark and Chinese Dang Gui, now you know why we use both Western and Chinese Herbs. Dang Gui is actually the only name for the herb even tho its Chinese, although it is part of the Angelica Family, do not mistake it for Angelica (there are 3 other types of Angelica, Western Angelica, Bai Zhi, and Du Huo). Dang Gui is a ‘Blood Tonifier‘ and Is know as:

The Supreme Women’s Herb

Thanks to its ability to tonify blood and regulate the menses. Dang Gui is able to build blood, stop pain, and stimulate circulation. This makes the herb very valuable and can be found in many of our liniments for its blood properties.
Cramp Bark is a western herb that is very similar to Black Haw although weaker. Cramp Bark is very easy to remember what it does and is very safe to take. DimmakHerbs combines Cramp Bark with Dang Gui, but Western Herbalist usually combine Cramp Bark with False Unicorn. False Unicorn is very endangered and should be used wisely. When these herbs are used synergenically you come up with formulas that relieve cramps, regulate the menses, and even avoid miscarriages!

Dosages are quite similar for each, and a tea of 3 grams of each per cup of water decocted would be okay taken 3 times daily. A Tincture or a pill form like the way we sell is better suited for this problem tho. Other suggestions for cramps would be to look for some antispasmodics around the house to use until you can get some suitable herbs. Some antispasmodic herbs would include: Black CohoshLobelia, and Skullcap!

Try these tips out and let me know how it goes.

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